Parker's Christmas Stocking

I have a special story to share about Parker's Christmas stocking. When I was growing up as a child, my siblings and I along with my Dad and Kristin all had Christmas stockings made by Grandma Stone (my stepmom Kristin's Mom). Andrew and Neil had cowboy boots, Carla and I had traditional stockings with teddy bears, Dad had an argyle sock and Kristin had a high-heeled boot. I used that stocking at my Dad's house for over 15 years - until John and I got married. That stocking remained with my Dad, but Grandma Stone made new stockings for John and I when we got married.

She made John an argyle sock, I graduated up to a high-heeled boot and Calvin also got a stocking...a bone. These stockings were so special and meaningful, not to mention one of a kind. Fast forward to now, when we found out we were pregnant and thoughts and future memories were flooding my mind, I couldn't help but be a little sad that Parker wouldn't have a stocking to match ours. Grandma Stone passed away a couple of years ago ~ we miss her dearly!

In my sadness and disappointment, a light bulb came on. What if I could alter my stocking from when I was a young girl - take my name off and put Parker's name on it? Luckily my childhood stocking wasn't too girly, so I knew the design would work for a boy too. So, I asked my Dad and Kristin to dig out my old stocking to see if I could fashion some lettering and make my stocking Parker's. I was a tad bummed because I knew his name wouldn't look exactly like ours because I'd be using different material and cutting the letters myself, but I was thankful just to have the stocking. Well, Kristin told me that my Aunt Karin had all of the materials and templates that Grandma Stone used to make the stockings all those years and that she would be willing to alter it for us so it would match exactly. My heart jumped for joy and tears filled my eyes.

I'm so grateful that Dad and Kristin dug out my stocking and passed it onto Aunt Karin and I'm very thankful to Aunt Karin for all she did on this stocking for us. She removed my name, added Parker's and also fixed a lot of the little sunburts that were broken on it. I cannot tell you how much I will treasure this sweet Christmas stocking. And I will have a story to share with our son -his stocking was Mommy's stocking.

Until we meet again...