Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Independence Day Decorating

One of my many loves is decorating for different holidays and seasons throughout the year. I don't decorate for all of them and some of them I just add one or two small touches in the house to mark the occasion. But it's something that I really enjoy doing for fun and makes the holidays and seasons more enjoyable.

The "4th of July" is just about 2 weeks away so yesterday afternoon I put out a few Independence Day decorations to enjoy until then and the weekend of. John and I will at home for the holiday and are planning a few fun things to do over the 3-day weekend...some here at home and some out and about. We are going to finalize our plans this weekend. I'm sure we'll have a full wrap-up complete with pictures afterwards. I know you can hardly wait -hah. John said we are going to call it our "Fun, Firecrackin' Festivities" - funny boy!

I got this little star yesterday on sale at Hobby Lobby (it was a whopping $2.25). I love what it says.
This flag is actually from a broken pole we had out in the garage. We got a new flag and flag pole so I thought I'd use this old flag in the dining room. I ran part of it through a wicker napkin ring, placed a plastic eagle (from the top of broken pole) in the flag and added a printable I got for free online.

This sign I got last year at either the Dollar Tree or at the $1 spot at Target - either way it was just a dollar!

This flag is actually a photo box. I got it from Carianne a year or two ago. I think she was going to sell it in a garage sale, so I snatched it up. (sorry Carianne if that's not really what happened - I just remember I got it from you!)

I made this last year. A metal bucket from the Target $1 spot, some floral foam, shredded paper and an Amercian Flag. I st it next to our "Fresh Picked Blueberry" foam soap -mmm!

Last night, I got a wild hair to be crafty. I had seen something online and it sparked another idea in me. After dinner and while we were watching the Rangers game, I sat at the card table in the living room ready to make something. I got out a few different supplies and an old Crystal Light containter. I've had for a while...saving it for the perfect craft.

Here's the finished product...

I put it next to the TV in the living room. If you look close on the TV, you can see the Ranger fans cheering, clapping and going wild for my firecracker creation! They are too kind.

These are some paper plates I'm saving for the 4th weekend. The name/place cards I actually made about 5 years ago with Hillary and Bronte.

This accordian scrapbook I put out because it was festive and went with the decor. It actually contains pictures of Mom and I on our trip to Washington D.C.. What a fun time! I enjoyed looking through it again when I put it out.

Thanks, as always, for letting me share!

Until we meet again...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Trip to Arkansas

About 3 weeks ago, we spent several days in Mount Vernon, Arkansas visting our family there. We hadn't been to visit since Christmas so a trip was way overdue. In addition, our nephew Jacob (12) was graduating from 6th grade and he and our other nephew Isaac (10) were playing in a baseball tournament over the weekend. We drove up on a Wednesday afternoon and we came home the Tuesday after Memorial Day. As usual, it was a really nice and fun weekend.

The boys' baseball team took second place in the tournament so it was nice to be able to watch them in a few games and cheer them on. They baseball park/complex was really nice! The fields were well taken care of and we were shaded by nice big awnings over the bleachers. Jacob actually hit a homerun over the fence so that was super exciting. Isaac also made a web gem out in right field making a diving catch. They are both awesome baseball players - we are so proud!

On Thursday night, Jacob's (and Isaac's) school had a "Celebration" ceremony for the graduating 6th graders. Next year, he will be going to a different school - HIGH SCHOOL - WOW! The high school in Mount Vernon is for 7th-12th graders. As you can tell by the picture of John and I with him (which is not the greatest picture of me) he's as tall as we are. He's such a handsome young man. We can't believe how big the boys are getting. (Cue the tears) Jacob had just turned 4 a few weeks before our wedding and Isaac turned 2 ON our wedding day - now look at them. They both do really well in school and recevied several "end of the year" awards! Did I mention we are proud of them?

A lot of time was spent outside playing in the creek by John's Mom and Dad's house. Jacob was on a mission to build a rock pathway in the creek so he put in some hard work moving rocks around. John was catching crawdad's and then letting everyone take turns letting them pinch them - how nice...haha! Isaac was getting down and dirty and getting WET! He walked across Jacob's rock path and also did a lot of splashing around. He was ALL in with getting wet and enjoying the creek. I didn't get in, but someone had to take pictures and keep Calvin company. It was so fun watching them be kids...and John be a big kid! It was a carefree time to have fun and enjoy nature. They boys had a lot of fun with Uncle John, as they always do.

The night before we left, I got to be a big kid and color with the boys. They've outgrown coloring in coloring books, but I guess I haven't - hee hee. I really like to color. It relieves stress and helps focus on something else. I have lots of coloring books and a big tub of colors and love to color when I can or have some down time. I did lots of coloring after my surgery last fall. I have one particular coloring book of cute animals. I decided that once I color them, I would add to the fun and give them a name. I had taken my crayons and coloring books in the car for the trip. Once Isaac saw them, I jokingly asked if he wanted to color and he said "Sure"...so we did! We ended up coloring for over an hour or so. It was a great time!! Jacob also joined in and we got a big kick out of it. Oh the simple things in life...
We also played baseball, basketball and horseshoes outside. We watched Rangers and Cardinals baseball games. We played a few games. We talked and laughed. We ate A LOT (as usual) and had a fun Memorial Day cookout complete with homemade ice cream. I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but it was a wonderful weekend!

I'm going to be spending several days with my Mom in Odessa soon (hooray!), so John is going back to Arkansas to spend more time with his family as well. I know they will enjoy him being there.

Thanks for a great time everyone!
Until we meet again...