33 Weeks

I am: 33 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Pineapple (mmm!) ~ a tad over 4 pounds and a tad over 17" long
Total Weight Gained: 14 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I am wearing maternity jeans and maternity top in this picture. The white under shirt is non-maternity, but the blue shirt is.
Gender: It's a BOY!
Name: Parker Holt
Movement: I feel lots of movement daily ~ he's very active, but has his times of rest too. I am starting to be able to look down at my stomach and see it moving and things protruding out from time to time. So funny!
Sleep: Overall, I am sleeping fairly good. I have occasional struggles ~ good nights and bad. I find it hard to get comfortable and turn over sometimes, but not too much to complain about. I know it could be so much worse.
What I Miss: I still miss the same things that I have all along. Oh I can't wait to have a caesar salad, raw cookie dough samples, feta cheese, lunch meat, occasional caffeine, fried eggs ... among other things! Oh, I also miss being able to sleep on my back or whatever position feels good. I also look forward to being more comfortable and able to bend over...oh the little things. But it hasn't been too bad and has been so worth it!
Cravings: No cravings ... just craving what I can't have and what I miss.
How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling really good and have been very blessed these past 33 weeks! I am starting to feel bigger each week and less comfortable. I'm not as mobile, hah. I'm having more difficulty bending over, turning over in bed, squating down and getting back up, moving as quick as I used to, putting my shoes on...things like that. Aside from that though, I'm feeling great.
Best Moment last Week: A few things...having a good doctor's appointment check-up (all is well), buying several things off our Target registry with gift cards, working in Parker's room, crossing more things off THE LIST and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the day John and I met in person.

Here is a picture of me at 17 Weeks wearing the same shirt I am in the 33 Week picture above. I've definitely gotten bigger and rounder...

And since I'm 33 Weeks, I thought I would share again my 13 and 23 Week pictures just to see the 10 week difference between 13, 23 and 33 Weeks.

We continue to work on our long "Before Baby Comes List". We may not be able to get it all done depending on when Parker decides to make his arrival, but we are doing our best. Obviously we have our priority tasks we HAVE to get done and then various other things we would LIKE to get done so we'll see how it all works out. It's so hard to believe that we will be parents and have our little boy in about 7 weeks - give or take time depending on when he comes. WOW!

Daddy put Parker's swing together last week. It's adorable! It swings and rocks in 2 different directions (front to back and side to side) and at 6 different speeds. It has 2 seat positions and also plays music, has a tray with a toy and has a mirrored ball and mobile above. Except for one frustrating moment, it was pretty easy to put together. It's sitting in our living room for right now, but once I do some more work in his room, it will go in there...of course until we start putting him in it and then it'll be back in the living room more than likely. This was the "hostess gift" at our baby shower in Odessa. Thanks ladies! Parker will love it (I hope!). The bouncer and playmat we got matches this swing too. It's the Fisher Price "Luv U Zoo" line.
As I mentioned above, John and I celebrated our 10th anniversary of meeting in person on Sunday. You can read about it here. On Saturday I got a sweet surprise. These beauties were delivered to our house on Saturday morning...daisies in a lovely little wicker basket. Thank you so much John ~ you know how much I love them. They made my day!
Have a great week!
Until we meet again...