34 Weeks ~ To Be Continued...

My Mom is in town this week (she flys in this morning and will fly back home Friday morning) to help with my "TO DO" list before Parker arrives. We have a list of things to work on while she's here for a few days, but also plan to do a little shopping and have some fun as well. It should be a really nice week and I'm very thankful for her help!

That being said, I will be taking a blogging break until next week, but I will be back with my profile pictures for weeks 34 and 35 and my updated stats...and a few other pictures as well. We now have valance hung over the curtains, have hung his name on the wall over his crib, assembled the mobile and attached it to the crib and made more progress in his room. I also made two signs for the hospital - one for our hospital door and one for inside the room. I will get pictures of everything and share next week.

Until then, since I am 34 weeks this week, I leave you with my Week 14 and Week 24 pictures to see the 10 week difference.
Have a great week and I look forward to sharing all sorts of things next week.

Until we meet again...