35 Weeks & More

Before I share my 35 Weeks picture and "stats", I wanted to share my 34 Weeks picture from last week. Below that picture is my 22 Weeks picture in which I am wearing the same shirt. It's interesting to see comparisons with the same shirt on.
Moving on to Week 35...

I am: 35 weeks pregnant
Size of Baby: Honeydew Melon ~ about 5.25 pounds and 18" long
Total Weight Gained: 18 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I am wearing maternity jeans and a non-maternity top in this picture.
Gender: It's a BOY!
Name: Parker Holt ~ have I mentioned how much I love calling his name, hearing his name and seeing his name? Well if I haven't, I just love it!
Movement: I feel lots of movement throughout the day and night ~ he's active, but has his times of rest too. I am starting to be able to look down at my stomach and see it moving and things protruding out from time to time. He's not really doing somersaults anymore since his room his limited, but whatever position he's in, he's definitely moving his limbs around.
Sleep: Overall, I am sleeping fairly good/okay. I still have my good nights and bad. I find it hard to get comfortable and turn over sometimes. I also get up several times in the night to go to the bathroom. I hate to complain because I do get some sleep and I know it could be so much worse.
What I Miss: I still miss the same things that I have all along. I can't wait to have a caesar salad, raw cookie dough samples, feta cheese, lunch meat, occasional caffeine, fried eggs ... among other things! I'll add hot dogs and soft serve ice cream to that list. These are all things that I either haven't been able to have or chose not to because of certain reasons. I also miss being able to sleep on my back or whatever position feels good. I also look forward to being more comfortable and able to bend over...oh the little things. But it hasn't been too bad and has been so worth it!
Cravings: No cravings ... just craving what I can't have and what I miss.
How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling good and have been really blessed these past 35 weeks! I feel bigger each week and less comfortable. I'm not as mobile! I'm having more difficulty bending over, turning over in bed, squating down and getting back up, moving as quick as I used to, putting my shoes on...things like that. Aside from that though, I'm feeling great. Probably my biggest complaint through my whole pregnancy is heartburn - ugh!! I've had it pretty bad, especially here toward the end and it doesn't really matter what I eat or don't eat. But if heartburn is my biggest complaint then I've had it pretty easy.
Best Moment last Week: Having my Mom here and getting A LOT done! As I mentioned in my previous post below, my Mom came in last Monday morning and flew back home Friday morning. While she was here we had a lot of fun and got several things crossed off "THE LIST"! We ate, visited, shopped, ran errands, went to my Dr. appointment and did all sorts of things around the house to prepare for Mr. Parker. We did take some time for periods of rest, but not much. Thanks again Mom for all of your hard work and help! While there are still several more things to do, we made a lot of progress.

Parker's room is pretty much done and I know everyone is anxious to see pictures and know all of the details. I want to do a post just on his room so my hope is to take lots of pictures (and maybe a video) this week and share all of that very soon...stay tuned!

I had a Dr. appointment last Wednesday for a check-up and routine test. Everything is still looking great and we go back on Tuesday, January 31st. I will meet with the Dr. and have a general check-up plus we will have our last sonogram to check everything out and make sure all is well with Parker. We can't wait to see him and make sure he's fully developed and healthy. After that appointment, I will go back once a week for the following three weeks.

We also have an appointment this Friday with a pediatrician. We are doing some "interviewing" of pediatricians so we can have one in place before Parker comes. Once he arrives, we'll be able to set up his first appointment which will be in the first 2 weeks after we leave the hospital. So we plan to pick a pediatrician beforehand, but know once Parker starts going to them we may feel the need to pick another one or we may really like them, but we have to start somewhere. We want to check out the office itself, staff and of course the Dr. We also have a list of a few questions and things to look for.

Since I am 35 Weeks, I thought I would share my 15 and 25 week pictures. The first is 15 Weeks and the second is 25 Weeks.

Two weeks ago, I made two signs to take to the hospital with us. The first sign will be hung in our room once we've had Parker. It will be a fun way to welcome him plus add a little decor and color to the oh so plain hospital room. This sign is also special because I used two of the pieces from the diaper cake from my baby shower. I don't like to see anything go to waste!

The second sign will be hung on the outside of our hosptial room door. Each door already has a hook on it and patients are welcome to hang anything on it while they are in the room. It will be a "birth announcement" of sorts. I have his name filled in, but will add the date, time, weight and length once we know all of those bits of information. I had a lot of fun making these and they will be a great start to his memories and momentos collection. They are in a pile of a few things I have already set aside to take to the hospital. Oh and remember how I said that I don't like to see anything go to waste? Well, this was made on a round piece of cardboard from a frozen pizza. Thanks for letting me use it Grandma. Just call me Resourceful Riley!

Last week, John got Parker's temporary sleeping quarters set up in our room. When we bring Parker home from the hospital, he will stay in our room for the first few weeks (we still aren't sure how long yet). We will make the decision based on what we feel is best for him and us. We don't want to rush him into his room after just coming into the world, but we don't want him to get too used to being in the room with us either. Nevertheless, this is where he will sleep his first few weeks of life...on Mommy's side of the bed. Once he's in his crib, we will use this pack & play for traveling. When we go visit family, we will take this along for him to sleep in. It has a remote that controls the light, music and vibration - oh technology!

While I was taking pictures, I thought I'd take one of our pillows. They might have caught your eye in the background in the pictures above. John got me these cute pillowcases for Christmas last year. They are perfect because they are on the correct sides of the bed, they kind of resemble us and they are speaking the language of love! Awww....

Parker got a special present in the mail yesterday from Aunt Carianne. She made him a wonderful sports-themed rag quilt. As if she hasn't done enough already (making a trip here and painting his room, a fabulous baby shower, blessing us with several gifts, sharing her experiences and advice from being a Mom for the past 2 years, etc) she made Parker this quilt and we are in love with it. She said it won't be long until he's spitting up and drooling on it - haha! It's such a great size for playing on and snuggling with and one he'll be able to use for many years.

In other news, John and I went on a fun date night last night. We went to eat yummy mexican food at Abuelos, went to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D and got ice cream. I just had to share a picture of John in his 3D glasses. He's so cute and such a good sport to go see that movie with me.

And Mr. Calvin...it's no secret how much he loves his fleece blankets. He had one balled up before we left for our date so John snapped a picture of him. He was very snuggly and relaxed. I guess that's all for now, but more updates and more pictures to share over these next few weeks. It's getting close - so exciting!! I hope he doesn't plan to come early because we have several more things to do, but we are working hard and will be ready!

Until we meet again...