Love Is In The Air

February is a month of love ~ especially in our house. Both of our birthdays, our anniversary and Valentine's Day are all in February. AND if Mr. Parker arrives by or before the 29th this month, he'll have a February birthday too. I really hope he does!

As you know, I enjoy putting out a few decorations for the different seasons and holidays...some more than others. I just have a few "heart" decorations, but we let them represent LOVE and not necessarily Valentine's Day since we have many special days to celebrate in February.
The frame below hangs in our kitchen all of the time, but I had to share it. It is an ever so special gift to me from sweet John. He made it himself and it's one of my favorite gifts he's ever given me. You can obviously see the word LOVE, but what you cannot see is what the rest of it says.

It looks like a bunch of small vertical and horizontal lines, but they are all words ~ 213 of them to be exact. They are our memories from the past 10 years. They are places we've lived and addresses, favorite places to eat, important dates, inside jokes, trips we've been on, things we like doing together, activities we've participated in, jobs, favorite stores, games we've played, food, sports recollections, names and phrases we use, favorite tv shows and movies we've watched together...I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but you get the gist of it. 213!! Isn't that amazing? And that was just off the top of his head, I'm sure the list could have gone on and on.
I guess I will get all of these decorations (except the picture above) taken down sometime before Parker arrives. The next batch of decorations will be for Easter. I can't believe Parker will be about a month old by then - wow! I'm excited to put our fun Easter decorations out around the house. I always enjoy holiday decorations anyway, but even more so this year for Parker's first Easter. I know I will have my hands full and my decorating will be more of a challenge, but luckily I have a wonderful helper living here.

Until we meet again...