Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend!

Friday afternoon was the start of baseball season for the Rangers and they were victorious. We watched the game with Parker and I in the living room and John in his office. This was Parker's first time to sport one of his many Texas Rangers onesies. Parker has this same onesie for the Razorbacks as a gift from Grandma and Grandad. Friday night, we ran a few shopping errands and picked up BBQ for dinner on our way home. This was our first time out as a family of three to take Parker anywhere. For the past 6 weeks, we have been taking turns doing the shopping and running errands so as not to get Parker out and expose him to any yuckiness and germs for the first few weeks of his life.

Saturday, John did a lot of work outside in the yard and I tended to various household duties while taking care of the P-man inside. Saturday night, John grilled hot dogs and we had hot dogs, nachos and dessert pizza for dinner while we watched the Rangers and played cards. We took turns holding Parker and he also spent some time in his swing. Such a fun night - good family time!

Sunday was Easter of course - Parker's first Easter. It was also our first Sunday back to church. We took Parker into church with us and he did good, but his eating time fell during the service so he and I missed the last half. After I fed him, I walked around with him in the foyer area and listened to the service over the speakers because he was making lots of little noises. Such a cutie. After the church service, we ran by our Sunday school class for "show and tell" to let them see Parker. After that, we made our way to the nursery to get Parker set up in their system, learn how to check in and out and take the tour. Our church has an amazing nursery and a great system for doing things. We don't plan to leave him in there just yet, but we wanted to check it out and have him ready to go when we decide to.

After church, we came home and did a few things around the house and ate lunch. We changed Parker into his "First Easter" onesie from Mamaw. After lunch we all took a nap - it was wonderful. Parker had fallen asleep, so John, I and Calvin took a little nap as well. Somewhere in there we exchanged Easter gifts from each other and gave Parker his Easter basket. We opted to go out for dinner instead of eating at home this year. Parker did really well - his first time in a restaurant. The Rangers were the Sunday night game on ESPN so we came home to watch them win again. I also read Parker a book from his Easter basket.

Not to rush time, but next year's Easter will be even more fun. Parker will be over a year old and we can do a few more fun Easter activities with him.

And now what you really came for, some pictures!

God sure blessed us with a sweet and handsome boy. We are in love and overjoyed!

Until we meet again...


  1. I love all his outfits! So precious. He's so bright-eyed. You can see his personality already shining through! Blessed indeed!


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