It's Just About That Time...


The wait is almost over. Come Friday, the Rangers will be back on the baseball diamond surrounded by grass that is so vibrant, it would make a leprechaun green with envy, Finally, I will be forced to let go and move on from the punch in the gut I received last year as the World Series slipped through our fingers in devastating fashion. I don't think I'll ever get over it. It was bad and it hurt. I am still in disbelief as I type and relive it all in my mind - UGH! Did I mention the Rangers were ONE STRIKE AWAY from winning the World Series? Let it go, Riley. Let. It. Go! As ESPN put it, "Last year is history and this year is now."

That being said, the Rangers are back and we couldn't be more excited in the Ussery house. Here's hoping for another fun, winning season. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to back to the World Series for the third straight year. Let's try winning it this time though. Their first game is Friday afternoon, but their second is on Saturday night. Hot dogs and nachos are on the menu for the evening, complete with baseball plates and napkins.

We've gone to lots of Rangers' games and have seen most of the others on TV the past few years. We have memories o' plenty when it comes to the Rangers both at home and at the ballpark. This year we will have even more memories with the newest member of their fan club, Mr. Parker Holt. We'll be sure to get a picture of him this weekend in his Rangers onesie. Daddy can hardly wait for him to grow into his Josh Hamilton t-shirt. We have a date in September picked out to take him to his first game, so we'll see how that works out.

Here are a few of our pictures from over the years. In the last one, I'm pregnant with Parker - so fun!
Welcome back baseball. We are ready to root root rooting for the Rangers!

Until we meet again...