Rub a Dub Dub ~ Parker in the Tub

Last night, we gave Parker a bath and I snapped a few pictures. Parker's baby bathtub is a whale. It's called "A Whale of a Tub". It has a arch of toys that goes on it in the middle, but we don't have it on there right now since he's still small. Parker really seems to enjoy the warm water and bubbles. He cooperates very well during bath time until it's time to get out and he feels the cold air on his little body. Once he's snuggled in a towel, he's just fine. Mommy rubbed him down with baby lotion and put him in his ducky pajamas afterwards. Don't you just love a good smelling baby in their pjs?

I'm sure these are just the first of many bath pictures to come over the next several years.

Until we meet again...