Two Months Old

Parker Holt, you are two months old! 

You went from this newborn baby...
To this one month old...

To this two month old...

My two favorites this month with your precious smile!

As of April 24th, you weigh 9 pounds - 15 ounces and are 22 1/2 " long.  We found that out at your 2 month well visit today.  You Dr. appointment went really well and he said you look fantastic.  You will go back on June 26th for your 4 month check-up and shots.  You were a champ with your shots.  You did cry, but you were just  fine afterwards and took a good nap.  Mommy on the other hand had a hard time watching you get your shots.  I know they are for your own good, but hard to see you hurting.     

You are now wearing size 1 diapers.  Sadly, you have outgrown your newborn clothing and are wearing mostly size 0-3 months or 3 month clothing these days.  Very soon, Mommy will be packing up our favorite newborn onesies, outfits and pajamas that you wore in a storage tub.  We will keep adding special and favorite clothing items to that tub as the months roll on and you outgrow more stuff.  We have been excited to dress you in some new duds though as you have gotten bigger.

You are now eating about every 3-4 hours and sometimes go longer if you sleep through a feeding time.  While it has improved some, Mommy is still having issues with milk production so we are still supplementing with a bit of formula after I finish feeding you.  We are doing what we need to do to make sure you are well fed and are growing and developing like you should be.  While the times are never the same, you usually eat early in the morning, mid-morning, around lunch time, late afternoon, evening, around bedtime and the middle of the night.   Again, depending on how you are sleeping, it amounts to about 6-8 feeding times in a 24 hour period.     

You have been sleeping a lot better.  You are still in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom in the pack and play, but we plan to move you into your crib at the beginning of May.  I plan to have a box of kleenex ready - this will be hard for Mommy (and Daddy too) to have you so far away.  You sleep on Mommy's side of the bed, so I can just reach over and pat you or look up to see if you are resting well.  It will be an adjustment for all of us, but hopefully it will go well.  You are sleeping more at night - for 3-4 hour stretches and then you wake up hungry.  You are sleeping a little bit more during the day too, but also like to be awake and a part of the action.  Last night was the very first time that we laid you down and you slept for more than 3-4 hours.  Daddy put you down about 10:30pm and you didn't wake up until 5am.  We hope there's more where that came from!

You still could care less about the pacifier - which is fine with us.  We've tried giving it to you a handful of times to calm you down and you just don't care much for it and are fine not using it. 

This past month, we started venturing out with you with us.  For the first six weeks of your life we kept you at home except for Dr. appointments, Mommy's breastfeeding support group and our trip to Arkansas.  Mommy and Daddy took turns leaving the house so one of us was always home with you.  You've now been to several different stores and restaurants with us and you and I have had some shopping fun with just the two of us.  Overall, you've done really well when out and about.  We've had a couple of minor issues here and there, but nothing too bad.

You experienced your first tornado warning this month - even though you didn't realize it.  For one, you are way to young to know what is going on and secondly, you slept on Mommy the entire time.  On April 3rd , we were under a tornado warning and ended up in our bedroom closet under a mattress.  It was pretty scary!  I was holding you in the Baby Bjorn, Calvin was in my lap and Daddy was over all of us with the mattress on him.  Daddy prayed for us and God blessed us by keeping us safe and protected from the storm.

Somethings that you LOVE...

You love looking at ceiling fans.  They are very mesmerizing and calming to you.

You love taking baths until it's time to get out.  You are just so content and relaxed in the warm, sudsy water.  Your sweet Daddy puts your towel in the dryer and runs to get it when it's time to get you out of the warm water so you don't get too much cold on your little body.

You love playing on your activity mat and looking around (as you will see in the pictures below).  Mommy will lay you on that for a few minutes each day and interact with you and/or get a couple of things done around the house while you play and "talk".

You love when Mommy reads to you.  You seem to really be listening and like when I show you the pictures.  Again, you are much to young to know what all is going on, but you like to hearing my voice reading and seeing the bright colored pictures on the pages.

The two things you love the most right now is the Baby Bjorn and your changing table. 

You love being in the Baby Bjorn (thank you Aunt Carla).  Mommy will put you in it here at home if she needs her hands free to tend to some household tasks and more often than not, you fall asleep while I'm carrying you in it.  You've also been in it at a few stores and just look around as you are along for the shopping ride!  I've gotten lots of compliments in public as to how cute you look in it.  I couldn't agree more.

What you love more than anything (besides your Mommy and Daddy of course, haha) is your changing table.  As strange as it sounds, we have NO idea what it is about it, but it's a magic place.  You are never fussy and never cry or get upset when you are on it.  In fact, you can be crying or upset and we can lay you on that and you are perfectly fine and at peace.  You would lay there all day if you could. I am sure of it.  Sometimes you get upset when we take you off of it.  A lot of times Mommy will read you books or do tummy time on the changing table because you are so happy there.  As a result, it's really easy to change your diapers because you are in your happy place!  You really love your room in general and are so calm in there, but you LOVE the changing table. 

You still enjoy swinging for the most part and it helps Mommy and Daddy too sometimes.  Sometimes you swing while we eat or work on a few things.  You spend time in there sometimes while Mommy takes a shower. 

We are trying to work on tummy time more and more and sometimes you are okay with it and sometimes you want nothing to do with it, but we need to get those neck muscles good and strong.   

Your eyes are so big, blue and bright - it's our favorite thing about you.  Well that and your smile.  You grin and giggle a little bit and are starting to make more noises.  Your personality is really starting to come out and we have so much fun playing and interacting with you.                 

Here are some pictures from the last month...

Seymore the Seahorse - Daddy named him and he helps you go to sleep by playing sweet music

Calvin ~ your brother and protective guard dog.
Parker's first Josh Hamilton shirt!
Oh how we love you sweet baby boy!   You are so much fun and such a joy.  We enjoy you so much and love being your Mommy and Daddy.  We look forward to the months ahead.

Until we meet again...


  1. Isn't it crazy how fast the weeks go? Two months old already!! I can hardly believe it!! Before you know it, he'll be potty training and asking to go to the toy store!! :)


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