Mother's Day Weekend

We had a really nice Mother's Day weekend. It was of course extra special because it was my first Mother's Day!  This was a long awaited day for me - the special day I could finally celebrate being a Mom.  I wasn't sure the day would ever come, but in good time it did!  I am so thankful for the gift of being a mom. It’s such a treasured responsibility. I am so thankful the Lord entrusted me to be Parker's Mommy.  Motherhood is a hard job, but such a rewarding one.

Here are a couple of pictures of me with my sweet little son.  I love him so much!
John's Mom and Dad (Mark and Karen a.k.a. Grandma and Grandad) were in town this weekend.  The came in Thursday evening and went home Sunday after church. We had a really fun weekend spending time together. It was pretty low key, but very nice. They sure enjoyed hanging out with their grandson.  

While they were here, we went to visit Mark's sister Wanda that lives in Dallas.  She came to the hospital the day Parker was born, but she hadn't seen him since his birth day!  She made us a yummy lunch, we watched the Rangers game and visited for a good while.  Her granddaughter Joann (John's cousin Matt's daughter) was over visiting.     
While we were there, Wanda gave us a Humpty Dumpty doll that John's Grandma had made years ago.  We brought it home for Parker.  I look forward to Parker playing with it and knowing the Humpty Dumpty rhyme.  It will also be a good opportunity for John to share with Parker about his Grandma and his memories of her. 
On Sunday, Parker was dedicated at church.  It was such a special day having Parker as part of the baby dedication on Mother's Day.  A memorable Mother's Day indeed! I am a lucky girl to have three fantastic boys in my life...John, Parker and Mr. Calvin!  

Parker was decked out in a cute plaid outfit for the day.  We received a baby blue Bible with his name on it - so precious.  For those of you wondering, a baby dedication is when believing parents make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's Word and God's ways. We will do everything within our power to raise Parker in a godly way, prayerfully, until he can make a decision on his own to follow God

John was so sweet, as always, and blessed me with a wonderful afternoon.   First of all, if you didn't get a chance to, please read the post before this one (see below).  John was so thoughtful and took over the blog and said some really wonderful things.  It was ever so thoughtful and made me feel really good.  He has such a big heart and treats me better than I deserve.

After John's Mom and Dad left, John gave me a few cards and a gift.  I received a card from Calvin, one from John and one from Parker. They were all perfect!  John also made me a crayon card from Parker.  That is something John did for his Mom growing up and still does to this day.  One of the many things I love about him.  I look forward to many homemade cards from Parker. For my gift, I received a James Avery charm bracelet and my first charm is a onesie that says "Parker".  It is so neat and special.  I will be anxious to add new charms as the years go on.  John is such a good shopper and knows me so well.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart, dear - I adore it!     

I received several cards for Mother's Day. Here's the spread!  I greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness and all who thought of me.  These will be forever treasures from my first Mother's Day!
Parker turns 3 months old next week.  How is that possible?  I will be back then for his "3 Months" post and many more adorable pictures.  There are some good ones!

Until we meet again...