Three Months

Parker Holt, you are three months old! 

You went from a newborn babe in the hospital...
 To this one month old...
To this two month old...

And now to this three month old...

You currently weigh 11 pounds and 7 ounces are 24" long ~ a growing boy indeed!

You still wear size 1 diapers, but will probably move into size 2 in the coming weeks.  You are wearing mostly 0-3 month or 3 month clothing these days.  There are a few onesies and outfits that fit you that are size 3-6 months, but not very many.

You are eating about every 3 hours and sometimes go longer if you sleep past a feeding time.  We are still supplementing with a bit of formula after I finish nursing you.  We are doing what we need to do to make sure you are well fed and are growing and developing like you should be.  While the times are never the same, you usually eat early in the morning, mid-morning, around lunch time, late afternoon, evening and around bedtime.  Your eating amounts to about 6 feeding times in a 24 hour period.     

You are now sleeping a lot better and through the night.  Hooray! "Through the night" can mean anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on when you went to sleep and how tired you are.  You hardly ever wake up for those middle of the night feedings anymore.  You do however tend to go back to sleep for a morning nap after your first feeding of the day.  Other than your morning nap, you aren't much of a napper during the day.  That's okay though - I'd much rather you sleep a lot at night than during the day.  You do take cat naps in your car seat, the swing from time to time, while one of us is holding you or in the baby bjorn.  Other than that, you prefer to be awake and part of the action. With your current sleeping pattern, I guess your motto may be "if the sun is up, then so am I"!  

You are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom in the pack and play.  We actually tried to put you in your crib Sunday night, but it didn't go so well.  We gave it some time, but after a while we determined that it just wasn't going to work. We will keep trying (and praying about it), but it will happen in good time.  We secretly are in no hurry for you to be in your own room, but we know it's inevitable.  It'll be good for Mommy and Daddy and for you to sleep in your crib and in your own room and it'll happen.  We do lay you in your crib from time to time just to let you spend some time in there and you do fine.  We'll keep working on it!
You still could care less about the pacifier.  We have tried three different kinds at various times and you have zero interest.  You are much more comforted by your hands and gnawing on your knuckles.  One less thing to break you of later. 

You and Mommy have two standard weekly outings.  On Mondays, we go buy our groceries for the week and run a couple of shopping errands and on Wednesdays, we go to a Breastfeeding/Mom's Support Group.  It's our special time together right now and we have fun.  On Monday, we went to Hobby Lobby, Target and Kroger.  Depending on how much we are getting at each place and if you are sleeping or not, I either take you in in the stroller, your carrier/car seat and put you in the shopping cart or carry you in the baby bjorn.  We occasionally go other places during the week, but not typically.  We do get out and about with Daddy at other times.  This Friday we are going to meet Mommy's friends from her old job for lunch.  It's our monthly "Angels Lunch" (there's a story there).  

You are doing a lot better during tummy time.  You don't get very fussy at all anymore.  I think you are starting to enjoy it more and are looking around from side to side while you lay on your tummy.  You are so strong already, but getting stronger each day.  We call you "squirmy wormy" because when we are holding you, you are wiggling like crazy and doing all you can to escape.  Particularly if you are on our knees or being held outward, you are leaning forward and always moving your arms and legs.       
 You love...

...the bath and are starting to kick your legs more in the bath.  I think you really enjoy the warm, bubbly water.

...having books read to you.  We try to read you a book or two a day and Mommy usually carries 1-2 in the diaper bag for on-the-go entertainment.     

...being carried around in the Baby Bjorn.  We use it around the house and also when we are out.  You still face Mommy while you are in it, but pretty soon, you will be able to turn around and see everything around you.   
...watching tv.  We recently have started putting you in front of the tv for a little while during the day.  We usually put you in your bouncer or laying on your activity mat.  You really like cartoons and other children's programming.  You also like your "Praise Baby" DVDs.  We have lots of great movies for kids that we look forward to you watching down the road.  You also like watching baseball games.  I'm sure you'll love watching football too come fall.  Again, you are usually moving your arms and legs all about and "talk" to the tv.

...your changing table.  This remains one of the places you are happiest.    
...laying on the floor.  A lot of times, you just like to be free.  Free to kick and play as you please.  Whether in your room, the living room, our bedroom or Mommy's office, we often lay you on the floor or the bed and let you have fun. rides as long as the car is moving at a good speed.  

Lately, you don't care too much for your swing.  You'll still go in it from time to time, but not as much as before.  We'll see if it's just a phase or if you are just ready for bigger and better things!

You are spending more time in your bouncer, mostly during tv time.

A couple of firsts...

You made your first trip to Granny and Grandpa's house in Fredericksburg, Texas the weekend of April 27-29.  You stayed in the church nursery for the first time last Sunday, May 20th.  Mommy only shed a few tears, but you did really well.  For Mother's Day, Grandma and Grandad bought us a high chair for you.  Not that you are eating food right now, but we will be ready when you are in a couple of months.  The first time you sat in it was on May 10th and we've let you sit in it a few times since while we eat our supper. 

You went to your first baseball game last Saturday.  Granny and Grandpa came into town for the day to visit you and go to your cousin Seth's baseball game.  You did so good and had lots of fun being part of all of the action.  We all went to lunch afterwards and you slept for part of the time, but then Seth and Alyssa each wanted a turn holding you.   

I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day on May 13th.  That was also the weekend that you were dedicated at church and Grandma and Grandad were in town for a visit.  Mamaw is coming to visit you at the end of June.  By then, you'll be 4 months old - wow!

I just took these because I love your precious feet! I don't know what I love more, your big blue eyes, your sweet smile or these cute little feet...
I am sure I am forgetting something, but I hope I hit all of the highlights for this month.You are a quarter of a year old and we can't believe it.  So much has changed for us and for you in three short months.  We couldn't be happier or more proud to call you our son.  You are a delight and bring joy to us each and everyday.  Your personality is really starting to shine - we are having lots o' fun!  We love you so much P-man - you are our sweet, sweet boy!       

Until we meet again...


  1. That boy of yours has a PRECIOUS smile, Riley! He is sooooo cute! I can't wait to snuggle him again. The growing and changing is happening so fast, isn't it?!?! 3 months old already...I am in disbelief! Nice post, Mom!!


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