First Father's Day!

To my beloved husband (a.k.a. Parker's Daddy) ~

Happy 1st Father's Day, my dear!   Isn't being parents fun?!  Sure, parenthood has definitely brought about much change and many challenges, but we are having such a great time and there's no one else I would want by my side on this journey.  And who wouldn't want to take care of Parker?  In my objective opinion, he's the cutest and sweetest little boy ever.  The first few weeks of Parker's life were extremely stressful and exhausting, but we survived and are stronger for it. 

As you celebrate your first Father's Day I wanted to express my gratitude to you. 

First of all, for being such a good husband. From the day Parker arrived you have been so encouraging, supportive and helpful. You have remained calm and patient when I wasn't, but needed to be.  You have done so many things for me when I didn't have the time or energy.  You have taken care of so many phone calls, errands and household duties while I tended to Parker so I didn't have to worry about them.  Your words and prayers regarding various aspects of our life have been so special and helpful.  Your hugs are still the best ever and I'm so grateful that you are my husband.  I love that despite being super busy as parents, we are still trying to find ways to connect and continue to work on our marriage.  It's not always easy, but we give it our best.

Secondly, for being such a wonderful Daddy to Parker.  I gave my Dad a plaque when I was a little girl that said, "Anyone can be a 'father', but it takes someone special to be a 'Daddy'."  This holds true for you too.  Parker is one lucky little boy.  You are so sweet with him and it does my heart good to see you playing with him, talking to him, holding him, feeding him, comforting him and praying for him.  By the smile and the laughs he gives you, you know how much he loves you...even as young as he is.  As you know, before Parker was born, I wrote him a 3-page letter and I wanted to share the portion where I talk about you...

"You are going to have the best Daddy!  Your Daddy is Godly, loyal, sweet, loving, caring, kind, helpful, supportive, patient, smart, funny, encouraging, fun, thoughtful, strong, courageous, dedicated, gentle, wise, and calm.  In a word, he’s fantastic!  He’s going to take extra-special care of you.  Do you know how I know this?  Because he always takes extra-special care of me and makes sure his family’s needs are met and taken care of.  His relationship with the Lord and his family are his primary concerns.  He is the head of our home and does a wonderful job leading.  You could not have asked for a better example for a father.  He is a good man, a faithful husband and I know he will be an incredible father.  I respect and admire him for so many reasons.  While I know you will grow to be your own unique self, I pray that you can become as much like your Daddy as possible.   The two of you are going to have tons of fun and create your own special memories together.  There are so many things he is anxious to do with you, teach you, and play with you. I will be along for it all as well, but there will definitely be many “father and son” moments throughout your lifetime for just the two of you."


You are such an amazing husband and an awesome Dad! Please know how much Parker and I love you and appreciate you!! We wish you a very Happy 1st Father's Day!

Until we meet again...