Four Months

Parker Holt, you are four months old!

You went from this newborn babe...
To this one month old...
To this two month old...
To this three month old...

To this four month old...
Last time you were weighed (6/13), you weighed 12 pounds and 7 ounces.  You have your four month check-up this Tuesday so we will know exactly how much you currently weigh then and also how long you are.  You will also get another round of shots - boo! Dr. Rester will check you from head to toe and see how you are growing and developing.  Minus the shots, we are looking forward to seeing how you are doing.  Next Tuesday, June 26th is a special day!  Yes, you have your 4-month check-up, but it will also mark the one year anniversary that Mommy and Daddy found out we were expecting you. This was us a year ago on June 26th, 2011... You now wear size 2 diapers.  You are wearing mostly 3 month or 3-6 month clothing these days.  There are a few onesies and outfits that fit you that are size 6 months, but not very many.  It won't be long though -  you are growing fast - too fast!

You still eat about every 3 hours.  We are still supplementing with formula after I finish nursing you.  Your eating amounts to about 6 feeding times in a 24 hour period.     

You are still sleeping through the night the majority of the time.  Occasionally you throw us a curve ball and wake up in the middle of the night to eat.  This week, your regular sleeping patterns have been a bit off, but more on that later.  "Through the night" can mean anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on when you went to sleep and how tired you are.  You do however tend to go back to sleep for a good morning nap after your first feeding of the day.  Other than your morning nap, you aren't much of a napper during the day.  You are more of a "power nap" kind of guy.  You take 20-30 minute naps in between each feeding.  I think you got your sleeping habits from your Mommy.   

You are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom in the pack and play.  We know we need to put you in your crib in your own room, but it will happen in good time.  We do lay you in your crib from time to time just to let you spend some time in there and you do fine.  We'll keep working on it!  The important thing is that you are taken care of and resting well.  Hopefully by the end of the summer we'll have you sleeping in your crib. 

You are changing and doing more everyday.  Your personality shines more each day and you are becoming your own little self. 

You are doing a lot better during tummy time.  You don't get too fussy anymore, but still have your limits.  When you are on your tummy, you have pretty much figured out how to roll onto our back.  You haven't figured out rolling from your tummy to back, but you are very close.  You roll up on your side really well and will sometimes dig your heels into the ground and grunt in frustration because you want to flip over. 

We call you "squirmy wormy" because when we are holding you, you are wiggling like crazy and doing all you can to escape.  Particularly if you are on our knees or being held outward, you are leaning forward and always moving your arms and legs.  Changing your diaper is becoming more interesting too because you are all over the place. 

You are REALLY into grabbing and playing with your feet these days.  We lay you on a blanket or mat and you usually instantly grab your feet and start playing.   You are starting to "talk" as well.  If only we knew what you were saying!

You have also started drooling and chewing on your fingers constantly...which means teeth probably aren't too far away which is why we think your sleeping has been abnormal this week.  I read that a baby can start showing signs of teething 1-2 months before teeth actually come in so we are sure you are on the path to little baby teeth.  I also read that when you start getting teeth is hereditary and Mommy got her first tooth at 5 1/2 months, but we are still checking on Daddy.   

You took your second trip to Mount Vernon, Arkansas earlier this month.  Daddy had to go there to work for another week.  We got to see Grandma and Grandad and spend more time with them.  You also got to meet more extended family during our visit.  Everyone thought you were super very well they should.  Mamaw is coming to see you this week.  She'll be here on Monday and is staying with us until Friday.  We are sure to get some good pictures with her while she's here.

You love looking in the mirror at yourself and give yourself a big gummy grin - so cute!  We also put you in your exersaucer for the first time this month and you enjoyed that.  You probably need to grow just a bit more before we will leave you in there for extended periods of time, but you do like playing in there for brief periods.  Daddy also got your jumperoo put together recently, but you aren't quite long enough yet.  Your feet need to be able to reach the floor, but once again, it won't be long.  

You and I have been having afternoon playtime in your room.  I usually put you in your Bumbo seat and play with toys in front of you, have you hold things, show you different toys and what they do, have you touch various textures and so on.  I talk to you about shapes, colors, sounds, numbers and letters as if you understand me and know what I'm talking about even though I know you are far too young, but one day you will know and we'll have so much fun.  We also do a little tummy time and I might read you a book or two.  We've also played some kids CDs and played with toys while I sing to you.

Speaking of singing, your favorite song is "You Are My Sunshine."  Anytime I sing it to you, you immediately start smiling.  It's our go-to method to get you to smile.  There are a few other songs I sing to you, but that is buy far the best one and the one that gets you grinning.

You sure love your Daddy and love when he feeds you, plays with you and talks to you.  He's really good at those diaper changes too.  He can get you to giggle and laugh better than anyone.  I am good at getting you to smile, but you tend to laugh more for him.  It's understandable since he's so funny.  You and Daddy got to celebrate his first Father's Day last Sunday.  We had such a great day!

You have a new friend ~ Liam the Lamb.  The church's nursery has these super cute animal mats that you lay on so we ordered you one for home and it arrived this week.  Mommy got it washed and you really enjoy laying and moving around on it.  It's so soft and fluffy.  Mommy and Daddy named him for you.

Mommy has gotten a lot done on your baby book and I'm trying to keep up with it as best I can.  I love the way it's turning out. 

I know, I know...enough of the talking and onto the pictures.  I just really want to document and remember everything and I'm thankful for this blog to be able to do so.

But moving on to the important stuff ~ pictures from the last month...

Parker, you are a third of a year old!  We can't say enough how much we love you Parker boy.  We so enjoy being your Mommy and Daddy.  You are tons of fun and pure delight.  You brighten each day and we are so thankful for you.

Until we meet again...