Parker's First Halloween

We had a fun Halloween for Parker's first!

Due to the fact that Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, we attended our church's Fall Festival instead of staying home to pass out candy.  Our church usually does the Fall Festival on the Wednesday before Halloween. Last year, we went to that and then passed out candy on actual Halloween, but this year it was different with Halloween being on Wednesday.  Next year, we'll be able to attend the fun at church and also pass out candy the next day. 

Parker's obviously too young to indulge in the sugary goodness that is candy, but it was fun to walk around the Fall Festival and see church friends.  We had a good time watching all of the other kids play games and looking at their costumes.  Tons of fun awaits Parker as he gets older - it is an awesome time with all sorts of games and activities.

We did go on a hay ride - hopefully the first of many family hayrides.  The weather was beautiful so it made for a great ride.  Parker was obsessed with the hay.  Like with everything, he was very curious about it.  Looking at it, playing with it and wanting to touch it.  Luckily, he never tried to eat it. We exited the tractor/trailer with pants covered in hay.

Parker was Charlie Brown for his first Halloween.  We talked about different costumes and ideas and then one night this idea hit me.  The best part was, all we had to get was the Charlie Brown shirt.  We had everything else so it was super easy to put together.  He was some kind of cute and made the PERFECT Charlie Brown.  I was so pleased at how it came together.  We got so many neat compliments.  I've already printed a few of these pictures for his baby book.

I mentioned this in his eight month post (see the post below this one), but Parker started crawling on Halloween so that'll be an easy day to remember.  He had been crawling and scooting backward and rolling here and there and find ways to get from point A to B, but hadn't quite gotten the hang of crawling, but something clicked on Halloween and he's been on the move since. The baby proofing products are being put into place. It's been an adventure, but exiting. 

What a fun night out for our little family.  Enjoy our memories...  
Until we meet again...