Happy Birthday Johnny Boy!

Happy 36th Birthday, John!

You are certainly worth celebrating.  God blessed this world with such a great person on February 9, 1977. 

You are an awesome husband and fantastic father.  You take care of me, Parker and Calvin in countless ways.  You are by far THE most selfless person I know - I have so much to learn from you.  I admire your dedication to God and am thankful for your spiritual leadership.  I enjoy being a parent with you and treasure this new season of our life with Parker.  I appreciate our friendship and how we are there for one another. I love how much fun we have in all that we do. 

You have innumerable wonderful qualities that make you very special.  I think God is proud of the man you have become today.    
Parker and I wish you a fun-tastic birthday!!!  We hope that we can make your day special and fun because you deserve it.


I sure do love you!