Parker's First Haircut

On Friday, February 1st, we took Parker for his first ever haircut - another big milestone.  We weren't sure how much hair he'd even have when he was born, but he sure grew a nice little head of hair over the past twelve months.   

Here are some before picture of the back...

It was starting to get pretty long over his ears and really long in the back so it was time for a trim.  We took Parker to a place that specialized in children's haircuts ~ Groovy Cuts for Kids.  They run all sort of specials throughout the week and it's close to Kroger where we do a lot of our grocery shopping. 
He even got to sit in a police car instead of a boring beauty chair - now that's getting a haircut in style!  He's not looking at the camera much because each station has a flat screen tv where cartoons are playing so he was focused on that.
Getting his cute outfit protected - there was quite a bit of hair.  The lady cutting his hair put some of it in a bag for me and even put the date on it - it's already in his baby book. 
I didn't take many crying pictures, but Parker did not like the hair cutting process.  I am sure it was just a whole new, overwhelming experience from a new place, water being sprayed on his head, the cutting of hair - just lots of things at once he's never experienced.  However with everything, he was a trooper. 
 Afterwards we went out for a quick family dinner at Chick-fil-a and ran a couple of shopping errands.  If you thought he was handsome and adorable before his haircut...Oh my, he got even cuter!
 Eating cheerios provided by the fine folks at Chick-fil-a.
 My two handsome boys. Parker looks so grown up with his haircut.  He's starting to look more like a little boy than a baby boy - sniff sniff.
Although he didn't really fancy getting his haircut, it was a fun evening out for us and another memory made.  Now we'll see how fast his hair grows and when he'll need another one.

Until we meet again...