Easter 2013

It was a really nice Easter Sunday in the Ussery home.  We had a simple day, but really nice. 

As we do every Sunday, we went to the early service at church and Parker had fun playing in the nursery.  We got a really good rain while we were in church.  When we got home, we had an inch in our rain gauge.  After the morning rain, the clouds cleared, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.

We exchanged Easter baskets (John and I too) after church and were all treated with a few goodies.  The rest of the day was spent doing various things around the house - some of our normal Sunday routine. 

We decided to not do a traditional Easter meal this year because the Rangers had their first game last night so we decided to go with ballpark food - hot dogs, nachos and ice cream sundaes.  If had not been the start of baseball season on the same day, we probably would have had full Easter meal - there's always next year.

Parker's still a bit young to get into the egg coloring, hiding and hunting, but next year will be a lot better - more fun in store.  We have several Easter books we read and looked at this year, but it will be neat when we can really explain what Easter means and why we celebrate it and some of the books will mean more to him.  I have lots of ideas for activities and fun things to do in the years to come - can't wait!    

And now to the important stuff - pictures!

We'll start with my favorite game - the comparison game.

Parker with his basket last year and this year.  From being propped in the corner to standing and pulling stuff out - amazing.
 Our blessed family last year and this year.
We did not intend for us all to match.  I actually bought Parker this little outfit a while back because I loved the color of the shirt - it said "Easter" and "Spring", but the pants that came with it were too big (size 12 months, but he has such a small waist) so we had to put him in jeans.  I decided what I was going to wear Saturday night so John just decided to match me! So we didn't leave Parker out of our color coordinating, but next year I want us all to match or wear the same color.  Plus this way, Parker sticks out and more attention is paid to him - the way it should be.
 Getting ready for church - what a happy boy so early in the morning.
 Mommy and her sweet son - he brings so much joy to my life.
 My two handsome boys - the loves of my life. 
And because we still love pictures of just the two of us - where it all began.  Me and my precious husband.

 Happy Easter from the Usserys!

And to prove that all of our pictures aren't perfect and is sometimes quite an ordeal. 
 But we are smiling and what fun memories are those.

 After church, Parker had fun going through his basket and playing with all of his treats.  We gave him a card, two new books, some farm animal sound blocks and a cross for his room. 
And to our surprise, the Easter bunny was still here this morning - in the middle of our garden/weed pile. 
We hope you had a great Easter - we sure did! 

Until we meet again...


  1. Cute Easter pictures! So glad Parker is doing better!


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