A Trip to the Library

 Last Friday, Parker and I ventured out to the library in Rockwall.  It is a very nice facility and I hope to spend a lot of time there in the years to come - they have such a great children's area.  Our original plan was to go to story time, but their spring season had ended and they will start back up for the summer in mid-June so we will have to try again.  They have story/activity time for 1-2 year olds on Friday mornings.

Since we were already there, we decided to stay and play and look at a few books.  Parker had such a fun time exploring, flipping through books and looking outside.  He seemed like such a big boy to me that day - pulling books off of the shelf, pushing his own stroller around the area where we were in, "talking" up a storm and just enjoying himself so much - such freedom to run around and go where he wanted.  He was so happy and excited - it was a fun time for us both.  He really enjoyed himself and I enjoyed just watching him.       

Back home reading what we checked out - we just got two books this first time, but know there will be many more to come.  You can also check out DVDs too so that will be fun.  We got a book about a train (one of Parker's favorite things these days) and a "Biscuit" book - a cute series about a dog named Biscuit.  Parker has a few of them on his own book shelf. 

We look forward to hopefully going to story time this summer and more library visits - sweet days with my sweet boy!

Until we meet again...