Around the House

This post may be a bit random and all over the place, but I just had a variety of pictures from the last few weeks.  It'll be a bit of an update on Parker as well and a few things he's up to these days.

He had his 15 month appointment and shots last week - he's looking great and developing well.  We will go back in early September for his 18 month appointment.  Parker weighed 23 pounds and was 32 3/4" tall.  So he's gained 16 pounds and grown 12 1/2" since birth - a whole!

Now to the picture commentary...

One of Parker's absolute favorite things are books.  He looks at books all throughout the day - some in his room and some that we keep in the living room.  He will pick up various ones during the day and flip through them himself or he will bring us one to read/look at with him.  We also will initiate the reading of and looking at books several times a day.  We have been to the library a couple of times and he has such a fun time.  Last time we went, we checked out 5 books I think.  They have been looked at quite a bit and have even gone on car rides, to the doctor and to the grocery store.  Everywhere we go, a book or two goes along.  Amongst the sea of toys (Parker's playground), it's time to read a book. 

Parker is really into pushing things these days - he loves to help push the vacuum cleaner and has a V-Tech walker/toy that stays in the hallway to go to and fro.  We've also recently brought in his umbrella stroller and he likes to go on rides through the house, but then he wants to get out and put a toy or "baby" in it and push it around the house himself.  He's not too big on you helping him either - he's definitely showing more signs of his independence.  One thing that he loves is his grocery cart.  He will put so many different things in it from day to day and push it all around.  You never know where it might go in the house or what might be in it.  As I type this, it's in the living room with a cookie sheet in it - so cute!  

One day while I was putting some laundry in Parker's dresser, he discovered his winter monkey hat so we decided to put it on and play with it for a little while.  He doesn't particularly fancy things being on his head, but we managed to snap a few adorable pictures of him in it. 

Parker and Calvin have what we like to call a love-hate relationship - haha!! Although hate is a strong word.  Parker LOVES Calvin and wants to chase him around, pet him, pull his tail, sit by him - you name it.  Now Calvin, he doesn't like all of that so much.  However, he LOVES for Parker to drop food or feed him things.  Every once in a while, Calvin will be having a good day and let Parker get close to him or touch him.  Early one morning after Parker had gotten up (and our bed wasn't made yet), Calvin was laid out our bed and Parker wanted to get up there with him.  Calvin cooperated and Parker got a big kick out of loving on him.

Parker's two favorite  TV shows right now are "Dora the Explorer" and "Bubble Guppies" (he still loves The Fresh Beat band too).  Different parts of each show are a part of his growing vocabulary and he recognizes the characters on tv, in books, at the store, etc. He also is starting a little collection of toys and books from these shows.  In fact, two of his library books are Dora books.  It's neat to watch what children's characters he likes and gets excited about. He also is really growing to love "Woody" from Toy Story.

As of a few days ago, we have a climber! Luckily he's just trying to climb onto the living room furniture and beds right now. Hopefully we have some time before he tries climbing over the baby gates or out of his bed...or scaling the tv or dining table - more fun lies ahead. He does pretty good about getting up on stuff, but is still mastering the art of getting down.  Sometimes he does great and sometimes he'll try to just fall off or walk off - we have to watch him even closer now. But boy he is thrilled and so proud when he has a successful climb.

As you know, the last four months have been quite challenging for Parker when it comes to eating and mealtime.  There are many issues we have been working on and so many details and stories to go with it all.  One recent discovery is that Parker has "ankyloglossia" which is the scientific word for "tounge tied". Basically, Parker has a skin membrane connecting the underside of his tongue to the floor of his mouth which limits the use of his tounge. While this isn't his only problem with eating, it is one of them.  Long story short, it needs to be clipped.  We had an appointment this morning with an ear, nose and throat doctor to look at it and discuss the procedure.  Parker is going to have surgery bright and early in the morning on June 28th.  They said we should only be at the hospital for a couple of hours and then we can bring him home - that's when the TLC begins!  He will have a post-op appointment the second week of July.  We sure hate for our sweet boy to go through this when he's so little, but it may really help him have full use of his tounge and it's better to take care of it now rather than later.  We snapped a couple of pictures before the appointment.  Parker did really well and we are already praying for him and for this procedure. 

We are a lucky Mommy and Daddy - Parker is so sweet and such a hoot!      
Oh blog - I wish we could meet more and you could be updated time.  There's just a certain little boy that demands quite a bit of my time, energy and attention so several things are being neglected because of that - and that's the way it should be.  I just wish I could share pictures and updates more frequently because I really enjoy it, but I do what I can when I can.


Until we meet again...