Monday, Monday

Oh blog - you have been very neglected - my apologies, but more on that later.

For the cute stuff!

I snapped a few pictures of Parker early Monday morning.  He's is definitely like his Mommy in that when the day has dawned, he likes to get going and get busy - no time to waste.

Our normal routine is to have a little playtime for about 30 minutes or so before we eat breakfast so these pictures were taken not too long after he woke up.

This boy of ours LOVES books - he looks at them and we read them all throughout the day.  He definitely has his favorites so John and I practically have some of them memorized.  It's so neat because he's starting to point and name things in the books.  His vocabulary is really coming along and luckily we speak "Parker" so we can understand what he's trying to tell us.  It's so sweet to see him pick out a particular book and have him bring it to you.  Some of them he will give to you 20 times a day and he loves it everytime. 

By the way, there's nothing more adorable than Parker in his pajamas - just stating facts!

After a bit of reading and dragging out a few toys, Parker climbed onto the couch to give Calvin some love.  This is very rare thing in our house because Calvin doesn't much care for Parker unless he's sharing his food - then they are the best of friends.  For some reason, Calvin was feeling kind this morning and let Parker love on him for a little while.

Parker is quite the little helper these days.  I wish I could share through pictures all of the ways he helps.  It's precious. 

A few examples - once we have the laundry soap in the washer, Parker will put the clothes from the basket into the washing machine while we hold him...John will take Parker out to the mail box and he will put what needs to be mailed that day in it...Tuesday at Kroger, as I would hand him grocery items (lightweight ones), he would put them onto the conveyor belt and put his hands back out for something else. 

His absolute favorite thing to help with right now is vacuuming and using the lint roller to pick up Calvin's hair on the furniture.  He gets SUPER excited when we get the vacuum cleaner out and literally cries when we put it back in the closet.  We have even had to resort to saying the vacuum cleaner is going "night night" and that seems to make it be okay with Parker and he will proceed to tell the vacuum "night night". 

When Mamaw (my Mom) was here recently, she bought Paker his own vacuum cleaner and he adores it and uses it here and there through the day.  It also has a removable dust buster that he will use around the house.  Monday morning, he decided to do some vacuuming before breakfast - what a helpful boy!  Let's just hope he's this eager to help when we want his assistance with household tasks when he's older.

In other news, hence the blog lacking my attention, we are on the move!! 

We had our house up for sale last year and never had any luck so we took it off of the market.  After much thought and prayer, we decided to put it on the market again this summer.  For various reasons, we decided it was best to leave our current house and move elsewhere.  It's a bittersweet decision because we have lived here for seven years and have made lots of memories within these walls (but I will do another post on that sometime - an ode to our home).   


The main reason is that we want more space outside - a bigger lot or an acre or two.  So we put our house up for sale on a Tuesday (the week of July 4th) and by the weekend we had two offers on it - wow!   As of right now, we close on August 21st - about 2 weeks.  We are feverishly making plans, packing and gathering, collecting boxes, renting storage units, making lists of things to take care get the idea. 
Here is the state of our garage currently - it gets more full by the day.

After lots of searching, we haven't had any luck finding a place that would work for us and in our price range, so we have decided to build a house on a 1.5+ acre lot.  It should take between 4-6 months so we are making plans regarding where to live in between our current house and the house we are building.  We have a couple options that we are trying to make a decision on, but we are focused on getting all of our stuff prepared to get out of this house before the closing date.
We will keep you posted on where we are and what we are up to over these next few busy, but exciting months.  The blog may be on a bit of a hiatus until we can get settled into our temporary living arrangements.  But keep checking back - I'll be back as soon as I am able with more pictures and updates!

Until we meet again...