We Will Miss You Calvin!

It's a sad, sad day in the Ussery house.  We had to make the difficult decision to put our sweet, beloved Calvin to sleep today.  While we know he's now at peace, completely healed and much more comfortable, it's so hard to let him go. 

The hardest part is that he has been a part of our little family from the beginning.  John and I got Calvin two months after we were married so except for a short time, he's been with us and a part of our life together. 

He would have been 11 in January...we are so grateful for the 10 1/2 years we had with him.  For 9 of those years, he was our only child.  Through the years from being newly married to the years we had struggling to have a child, he was our "baby". He was definitely a spoiled little dog - he got lots of love! 

We have countless wonderful memories of Calvin and so many things will remind us of him everyday.  Already as I look around the house this afternoon, there are reminders of his place in our life and family.  John and I have been sharing stories and memories today of his life.  I wish I had the time to tell all sorts of stories, funny happenings and special memories. 

I'm not handling this so well and know it will be hard for the days to come.  My strong, sweet husband is having a rough time too.  We've shared lots of hugs and talked a lot about it and I've shed many, many tears (more to come I'm sure). We are grieving this loss in our family.

I know everyone says this about their pet, but Calvin was the best dog ever!  I am convinced that we will never find another dog as great as Calvin.  He was so sweet, laid back and easy going.  He was low-maintenance...eat and sleep - maybe a little petting and snuggling required.  He was never mean or destructive in any way.

Oh Calvy dog, how we will miss you! Things really feel different without you here.  You are a precious, sweet dog that will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We love you very much!   



  1. Riley, I'm really sorry to hear that you lost Calvin. I hope you are able to cherish his memories for a long time


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