A Country Stroll

Parker and I took a really nice walk this morning in the small town of Mount Vernon - where we are temporarily living with John's parents. It's out in the country and a nice change of pace. It was overcast and cool this morning - perfect walking weather. Parker loves going for a "ride ride" in his stroller and to be outside. 

Come along and we will share some scenes from our stroll.

My adorable walking buddy. 
These leaves caught my eye - So pretty.  I heart Fall! 
A shot of the beautiful scenery - not to mention the handsome fella on wheels. 
Down the country road we go.
I had my umbrella in case rain should appear and a stick for encounters with stray dogs - luckily neither came our way.
Looking down on the little man.
Goats! The neighbors have several goats that Parker likes to visit and tell "Hi".  They are friendly to us because we share our leftovers! 
An attempt at a together shot.

Horses! Parker is really starting to pronounce the names of animals well and knows the sounds they make. He's a smart one!
Such a sweetie.
More scenery.
Notice the leaf in our cup holder. We spotted that in the road. Parker held it for a while a passed it off to me.
Daddy's (John's) Alma Mater - Mount Vernon-Enola High School. John was the Salutatorian in a class of 22. It's a tad different than my class of over 600. We have completely different high school experiences and memories - that makes if fun. John graduated 18 years ago - Gasp! 

Go Warhawks! 
He looks so long - oh wait, he is! 
He's having such a good time!
If you can spot the steeple up the road, it belongs to Mark and Karen's (John's parents) church. They have been members for several years. Karen also works there part-time as the secretary and Mark does a lot of yard work and outside maintenance all around the building. They are lucky to have them both!
Almost back to the house.
And here we are - right where we started!

It was a sweet morning with Parker and nice to be out experiencing nature in the good ol' country.

Until we meet again...