From Mockingbird to Mount Vernon

We drove out of our drive-way on Monday afternoon, September 30th and headed east to Arkansas - two vehicles and a small U-Haul trailer.
The final days in our home were quite stressful, tiring and busy. I am glad to have that part over- we are moved out! Now we are just waiting on our new home.

Leaving our house was bittersweet. I am a crier so of course tears were shed.  I know some of it was pure exhaustion, but it was an emotional time as well.  When we bought the house on Mockingbird, John and I had been married only 3 years and this February we will celebrate 11 years of marriage - so we were there a good while. A little over seven years. 

We moved from Arkansas to Texas in 2006 and this was the first house we bought together (John already had a house when we got married).  We moved in while in our late 20s and fairly newly married.  We brought all of our belongings and our sweet dog Calvin, who was 3 at the time.  We moved to this house to be closer to all of our family - about midways from everyone.  It was a big leap of faith.  John had the opportunity to start working from home and I would find a job once we moved - and I did.

There were lots of memories within those walls.  Lots of yummy meals were shared, board games were played, movies were watched, sports teams were cheered on, rooms were painted and redecorated, holiday decorating was done and holidays were celebrated, various celebrations went on, family visited, household projects were completed, marriage devotionals were enjoyed, fun was had and prayers were said.  We lost several loved ones while living here and waited for a baby for a good while, but our marriage blossomed and grew so much and we welcomed precious Parker into our lives all in this home sweet home.   

While we are anxious and excited about the next chapter of our lives and our new home, I will remember this house fondly.  Love lived there and it's packed full of memories for our family, especially John and I. The rooms are now empty, but our hearts are full.   

So, we left Mockingbird Street and are now in Mount Vernon for the next couple of months.  We are getting settled in well and enjoying ourselves.  We sure miss John/Daddy being at home with us everyday though.  When he works from home we were able to see him throughout the day and eat lunch together, so that's been an adjustment as he is working at his actual office while we live here. We will look forward to having him back at home with us soon.

Parker is sure enjoying the outdoors here.  John's parents live on a several acres so there's lots of room to roam.  I think Parker would make his permanent residence outside if we let him. He loves to give their dog Panda treats each day and run free on the backporch.  He plays with cars, balls and bubbles!

A little dinner time silliness  - he has been eating so much better. We are thankful and hope it continues.

He's not quite ready for coloring - he either just wants to play with the crayons or tries to eat them.  He did have fun making a mess though. Being the helpful little boy that he is, we picked them up together.
He's been a bit under the weather recently so he's enjoyed some relaxing time and favorite cartoons.
We are glad Fall is here and hoping for a great rest of the year. 

Until we meet again,