House Progress - Update #1

We made our first trip back to Royse City last weekend - it was good to be home.  We have been in Mount Vernon about three weeks and this was our first chance to head back for a quick visit.  Quick it was - we left Arkansas early Saturday morning and were back by dinnertime Sunday night.  It was a fast trip, but productive and fun. It was a good weekend!

We had a few things we needed to take care of in town, plus we wanted to visit our new home site and also go to church.  We plan to go back every few weeks to take care of any matters we need to in town, check on the house and do anything pertaining to it we need to and go to church.  We love our church and sure miss it so we want to go any chance we get.  While we were in town, we also drove by our old house on Mockingbird Street to see how things were looking in the neighborhood. 

There's not a ton of progress on the house (we got a lot of rain and that delayed things some), but I took a few pictures so you can start to get an idea of where we will be.  I plan to take pictures each time we visit the site so we can track the progress and see what all happens and changes each time. 

Welcome to our new street... Pin Oak Court.

A few views as you turn onto the street and drive down a bit.  There are 32 lots on the street and each is 1-2 acres. 

Here is the lot for the future home of the Usserys.  You can see John and Parker way out in the field.
We have a water - hooray for the small things!
Standing at the front of the leveled dirt where the house will sit.

Now I am standing about where the garage will be (on the side of the house rather than the front) and looking out into the street.  It's nice that we'll have a long driveway and be set back from the street a bit.
This is looking into what will be the backyard.  Our living room window will look out into the backyard and it will nice to see these trees as the back drop.

Did I mention we have a pond?  This was something my sweet husband really wanted even though this may be known as "Parker's Pond".  There is sure to be lots of fun had here.   

I am standing now behind the backyard close to the pond and looking toward the street.
Standing on the side of the lot - another view of more trees.
Just a couple more.

And we can't forget this cutie...
For such a short trip, he was such a good boy.  He's sure and sweetie and we had the best time.  He loved staying in the hotel and exploring somewhere new.  Everyone enjoyed seeing his face at church and can't wait to see him again.   

Not a lot to report, but there will be - it's an exciting time.  We will keep you posted with many more updates.

Until we meet again...