Christmas Clothes

I have been a bad blogger lately...and a bad picture taker for that matter.  Life is full and busy right now.  I guess that's my excuse.  It's the best I got right now.  Nevertheless, there will sure to be pictures to share after Christmas and New Year's from our celebrating near and far.  The holidays have been a bit different for us this year, but we are enjoying them.  However, we will be ever so excited about celebrating all of the holidays in our new home next year!  Perhaps the first will be Valentine's Day?!  We hope to visit our house site the weekend after Christmas to see how it's coming along - can't wait!

Back to the subject matter - Christmas clothes.  I had a few pictures of our cutie in some Christmas pajamas and a Christmas outfit from over the last couple of days.  He has so many cute Christmas pajamas and there is not much more adorable than a child in Christmas pjs.  As I love to do, I wanted to compare them with some similar ones from last year.

Look at that toothy grin!   

Where oh where has my baby boy gone?  He is so precious these days, but I have to admit I miss that little baby boy a wee bit (or maybe a whole lot). 

One Sunday before church last year all dressed up in a sweater vest with a little reindeer.

This year's sweater has one of Parker's loves of his life - a "guga" (translation - train).  He was watching his friends "Team Umizoomi" on TV so it was a bit difficult to get him to look at the camera.  We were on our way to do a little shopping and meet Daddy for lunch.

Wow - he looks so grown up.  I can't imagine how he might look next year.

Dear Time,
Feel free to slow down just any time. 
Thank you!
Parker's Mommy  

Enjoy these final days leading up to Christmas - we are looking forward to some family fun and Santa's arrival for sweet Parker. 

Until we meet again...