Thanksgiving Past and Present

Our little family just returned from the great state of Texas - back to our temporary home in beautiful Arkansas.  We were gone for over a week visiting family and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We had a really nice trip!  It was a bit harder on us being that we are traveling back and forth from Arkansas which made it a lot longer trip going and coming, but overall it was swell! 

We are super busy unpacking, going through mail, doing laundry, finishing Christmas cards, preparing for Christmas shopping and trying to think about normal human eating again. 
I wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane at the last three Thanksgivings!
Thanksgiving 2011 ~ Pregnant with Parker
 Thanksgiving 2012 ~ Parker's First Thanksgiving
 Thanksgiving 2013 ~ Parker's Second Thanksgiving!
I guess you can gather we are Cowboys fans?

While we passed through Dallas going to and fro we stopped by to check on the house site.  I have lots of pictures to share on the progress so stay tuned for that! We have walls people - hooray!

Until we meet again...