Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Trip to the Library

 Last Friday, Parker and I ventured out to the library in Rockwall.  It is a very nice facility and I hope to spend a lot of time there in the years to come - they have such a great children's area.  Our original plan was to go to story time, but their spring season had ended and they will start back up for the summer in mid-June so we will have to try again.  They have story/activity time for 1-2 year olds on Friday mornings.

Since we were already there, we decided to stay and play and look at a few books.  Parker had such a fun time exploring, flipping through books and looking outside.  He seemed like such a big boy to me that day - pulling books off of the shelf, pushing his own stroller around the area where we were in, "talking" up a storm and just enjoying himself so much - such freedom to run around and go where he wanted.  He was so happy and excited - it was a fun time for us both.  He really enjoyed himself and I enjoyed just watching him.       

Back home reading what we checked out - we just got two books this first time, but know there will be many more to come.  You can also check out DVDs too so that will be fun.  We got a book about a train (one of Parker's favorite things these days) and a "Biscuit" book - a cute series about a dog named Biscuit.  Parker has a few of them on his own book shelf. 

We look forward to hopefully going to story time this summer and more library visits - sweet days with my sweet boy!

Until we meet again...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

It's hard to believe that this year was my second Mother's Day.  I spent years wondering if I would ever be a mother and now I have celebrated two special days.

What a difference a year makes!
Last year on Mother's Day, Parker was 10 days shy of turning 3 months old and this year he was about 10 days away from turning 15 months old. Even though a year has passed, two things remain the same - Parker is still one precious little boy and I sure do love being his Mommy!

Motherhood has taught me so many valuable lessons about myself and about life.  Even though I've only been in it a little over a year, it has shed a lot of light on many things. 

Being a Mom is something that I absolutely love and enjoy!  I am very grateful that in His perfect timing, God allowed me to become a Mom.  There were and are so many things I that I look forward to about being a mother.  It's a bonus when your child is as cute as can be and tons of fun. 

Being a Mom is hard work and I know it will continue to be, but it's also very rewarding and fulfilling work.  Our days are very busy and full, but they are also overflowing with love, happiness, joy, memories and fun.

I have said it a hundred times, but I feel completely fortunate to be able to stay at home everyday with Parker.  I'm so thankful I get to be the one to take care of him during the day.  I don't take this blessing for granted and I hope that the Lord will continute to bless us so that I can always be a stay-at-home Mom (SAHM).  I know many women would jump at the opportunity to stay at home with their child or children. 

Being a SAHM is definitely a full-time job, but one that doesn't pay me cash.  My payment comes in...
  • hugs and kisses
  • outstretched arms to be held or picked up
  • smiles and giggles
  • being handed a toy to play with or a book to read and look at
  • holding my hand as we walk
  • hearing "wuv wu" back when I say "I love you Parker"
  • hearing him starting to talk and develop his own vocabulary
  • a head rested on my chest as we snuggle and rock
  • arms spread out wide to say "THIS MUCH" when asked how much we love him
  • having fun grocery shopping and other outtings throughout the week
  • him remembering things I have taught him - smart boy
  • the excitement he has when a favorite tv show or song comes on
  • watching him change and develop so much in a year's time
  • seeing him drag his blanket around which so happens to be the one I used to sleep with
I am rich! 
Mother's Day was pretty low-key, but nice.  We had just returned from a long trip, so we went to church and had a relaxing afternoon complete with naps for all of us.  We got some take-out for dinner from LaMadeleine (one of my favorites) and John made brownies from scratch - yummy to my tummy.

Parker wore his Easter shirt to church so we were matching in our aqua blue.

That evening, John and Parker gave me a couple of wonderful cards and gifts. John made me a crayon card from Parker - a yearly tradition and also gave me a really sweet store bought card from Parker with marker scribbles that Parker helped him with.  John also gave me a precious card from himself and wrote some beautiful words - so heartfelt.

They got me a beautiful Willow Tree figurine called "Tenderness" where a mother is holding her child with their legs around her waist and they are touching foreheads - I love it!! I also got a Mom's "One-Line-A-Day" journal. It's a dated book where I will write something Parker did or said on that day that I want to remember. It's a five-year journal, so once I have filled it up, it will be an awesome collection of memories of funny and neat things Parker said or did. Lastly, John made me a cute certificate entitling me to a full day of doing whatever I want - hooray! It's so nice to have a husband that is very sweet and helpful - such an amazing husband and father.

Parker had a great time helping me unwrap and open so Christmas will be loads of fun this year. 

Thank you to my too sweet and special boys for another great Mother's Day!

Until we meet again...