House Progress - Update #4

We took a trip to Texas after Christmas to check on the house and celebrate a late Christmas with my side of the family.  We were gone for about 10 days and had a great time - it was a really good trip.  Unfortunately over the holidays so many members of our family got sick and Parker is still a tad under the weather as I write this.  Luckily he wasn't sick on our trip, but poor little guy.  This cold/flu stuff hit so many of us hard, me included - not fun folks!

Moving on to the fun stuff, we were able to check on the house going and coming and saw a lot of progress.  Yippee!  Have I mentioned how excited and anxious we are to get back home and into our new house?  Well...we sure are!

I took lots of pictures so I will spare you a photo by photo commentary.  A couple of things to note as you look...

- The trim color will not be yellow.  It will be painted at a later date a Sherwin Williams color called "Totally Tan"

- The front door will be different.  It it will look like the last picture you see at the bottom.  Right now they just have an old door on until the end so as not to mess it up during construction, but I snapped a picture of a neighbor's door to show what our's will look like.  We may also get a glass storm door at some point as well.

John talked to the builder Friday and the brick and stone is finished and the insulation and sheet rock are complete also (they were working on this on our way back).  It looks like cabinets are going in next and walls will be textured.  John is having a shop built so they should be starting on that in a week or two and pouring our driveway and walkway to the door.  Jump for joy - we are getting closer.  We are still looking at about early to mid-February, but a chance it could be sooner?!  We will just have to wait and see.

Exciting times!

Until we meet again...