Sweet Days

Over the past few months, the blog has been dominated by all that is the new house and it's construction.  Once we get moved back, I hope to get back into regular blogging about our life and all of the goings on.  That will obviously include getting settled into the house along with all sorts of other things as we get back into our normal life and routines. 

We have taken lots of pictures over the last week that I wanted to share of some fun with Parker.  He is so much fun these days - such sweet days we are having.  He is really growing up in lots of ways which is so neat, but a bit sad too.  He's very playful and energetic and talking more with each passing day.

Parker and Daddy watching some cartoons after his nap.  He usually watches a little bit of TV after he wakes up from his nap until he gets fully awake and ready to play.  Oh how I love these two boys. 

TV time is over and tickle time has begun.  Parker will lay down and say "tummy" and that means he wants you to tickle his tummy.

 A little tickle time with Mommy.  He has the best laugh.
Unfortunately right after Christmas, Parker came down with a really bad cold and cough.  It way overstayed it's welcome and hung around far too long.  For about a week, we didn't go anywhere and just spent lots of time at home giving Parker lots of TLC and doing all we could to make him well.  We felt so bad for him.  However as sick as he was, he was still so sweet and fairly playful.  We got in lots of good snuggle time and pajama days.  

Is there anything more precious than a freshly bathed baby boy - especially one in a froggy towel.  I think not!
This inflatable duck is a travel infant bathtub turned toy box and now apparently turned Parker's spot to kick back and relax.
One of our favorite games right now is a bit hard to describe in word, but basically Parker will get a good distance from one of us in a room and we spell P-A-R-K-E-R and then say BOY (because we call him Parker Boy) and when we say the word "BOY", Parker comes running as fast as he can into our arms.  We catch him and the giggles begin.  He loves it!
 Mommy and Parker playing with the slide.  We are so silly - I'm so glad he's mine.
Allow me to do a quick photo comparison.  I have a picture of Parker and I from Mother's Day weekend 2012 (when he was a wee 2 1/2 months old), but I am wearing the same shirt and earring combination as I am in the pictures above. My he has grown.

 One little monkey jumping on the bed.
These next pictures will make a parent question why they purchase toys.  Exhibit A - one plastic bowl from the kitchen.  Parker played, and continues to play, with it for a long time.  We sing a little song "Parker has a silly hat." and he gets a big kick out of it.  

These last few are just a few precious ones of our boy in his pajamas.  This is his TV watching set-up.  His Toy Story couch and sports ball pillow with a few animal friends.  A happy boy that looks super cute. 

As I mentioned before these are such sweet days.  Sure, there are trying times each day, but we are so blessed by Parker Boy!

Until we meet again...