Go Team USA ~ Winter Olympics 2014

The Winter Olympics kick off tonight and we are ready to cheer on Team USA!

While we may not get to watch all of the events, we enjoy watching the Olympics as we have the opportunity each evening.  The closing ceremonies will happen on Parker's 2nd birthday.   

The last time the Olympics occured were in the summer of 2012 in London.  Parker was a wee five months old at that time.  I took his picture on the day of the opening ceremonies with a little sign I printed. 

My how things have changed.  The toothless baby boy who needed to be propped into the corner of his crib now has an almost complete set of teeth and jumped up on the couch when I asked him to stand by the SOCHI sign we made with his crayons.  He's wearing his patriotic "Mr. Independent" shirt. 
If I can keep it up, perhaps I will take his picture yet again when the summer Olympics come around in the summer of 2016.  It's another fun way to compare his pictures over the years.

Bring home the gold Team USA!

Until we meet again...