Happy Anniversary & Birthday!!

It's February, so that means it's celebration month for the Usserys!  If you know us well enough, you know that John, Parker and I all have February birthdays and John and I were married in February.  It may seem like a lot, but it's such a fun month for us every year.

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary ~ we were married February 8, 2003.  What a happy and wonderful day it was!  

I know this photo is a bit grainy, but it's one from our rehearsal dinner.  How young we were (24 and 25 - almost 26) with no idea what life lie ahead of us, but we were extremely happy and madly in love.  And eleven years later, we still are!
Here we are last year as we celebrated a decade of marriage.  It was also our first anniversary to celebrate as parents.     
Our anniversary is a day we highly anticipate year to year.  We usually try to go out for a nice dinner, exchange cards and gifts and we have a couple of yearly traditions we do like watching our wedding video and looking at some wedding photos.  It's a special day!  We love taking a look back at that blessed day, when it all began, and reminiscing about the years gone by.

As we celebrate our 11th anniversary today and John's 37th birthday tomorrow (he's totally cool with his age so no worries about my sharing), I want to say a special word about my amazing husband.

I've said it time and again and will say it for my lifetime, but he is just the greatest.  Not only are we husband and wife, but we are the best of friends.  Our relationship is so comfortable and fun and free from stress.  We just get each other and work so well together in all facets of life.  We are partners, teammates and sidekicks.  We are different in so many ways which helps us compliment one another beautifully, but we are very much alike in many other ways.  I never get tired of being with John or doing things together - no matter work or play we always make it enjoyable.  Our favorite place to be is together - we love us!  Marriage obviously takes work, but when you are passionate about it, it sure doesn't feel like work. 

John, thank you for marrying me, for making me so happy and for taking such good care of me.  You have such a sweet spirit and you are such a kind gentleman.  I admire your wisdom and knowledge about so many things, but I also love how witty and silly you are.  I have the utmost respect for you for so many different reasons and I'm ever so proud to be your wife.  I wish you a very Happy Anniversary and a Happy, Happy Birthday!  I love you very much!!

Until we meet again...