House Progress - Update #6

John and I were recently able to have a fun little 2-in-1 weekend.  We had a nice little getaway to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary and also got to check on the house and do a little furniture shopping for it.  It was a wonderful weekend.  We of course greatly missed our Parker Boy, but it was nice to have some alone time and is important for our marriage.

A few more things have been completed on the house, mostly on the inside - it's starting to shape up little by little.  The forms were set for part of the driveway (there's a drainage issue to be taken care of for part of it), sidewalk/walkway and the shop.  The concrete should be poured later this week when the weather dries up and it gets a bit warmer.  Once they tend to the drainage issue on the street, the remaining portion of the driveway will be poured and tied together.    

The inside has been painted and it looks really nice.  It's a nice neutral color - warm and not too light or dark.  There is still some trim work to be finished and a few touch ups.
Parker's bathroom (which he will glady share with guests and visitors).  In his bathroom and ours, there will be framed mirrors hung above the sink.

Parker's bedroom

Front bedroom which is going to be a multi-purpose room.  It's going to be a home office/playroom/craft room.  We had a guest room in our old house and this is what this room could have been used for, but we are opting to not put a bed in here and have it more for playing and crafting and a little office work.  If we have guests, they can either sleep in Parker's bed (he's moving up to a full bed when we get back) or we will give them our room during their visit. 

John's office

Laundry Room

Looking back to the front door - which again, will be a different door at the end. 
Living Room

Kitchen/Dining Area - the counter tops, tile and back splash were all in and they look great. 

This super cheesy picture is me with my pot filler - I am tickled to have this and know I will use it a great deal in my cooking.

Our bedroom and bathroom

The ever so exciting vacuum/coat closet - it's all important afterall.
The messy garage - with having the shop, we hope to just park our vehicles in here and have very little else stored in here.  We do have an old refrigerator/freezer we keep out in the garage for extra "cold" space, but other than that, we hope to keep it free from all the other garage "stuff" and keep it all out in the shop. 
This is coming out of John's office looking into Parker's bathroom. 
And a bonus picture - our anniversary picture. For the past seven years (starting with anniversary #5), we have taken a picture with our fingers up signifying the anniversary year we are celebrating.  We ran out of fingers on our own, so we are putting forth a team effort to show "11". We took this picture right before dinner - it was such a nice night. 
We are in the home stretch on the house - hopefully just a couple of more weeks.  A lot of work awaits us when we move in, but we are anxious and ready.

Until we meet again...