Our Little Valentine

We had a really nice Valentine's Day on Friday - it was a fun day all around!  

I took a few pictures of Parker in his candy heart shirt from his Great Aunt Mindy.  She actually got it for him last year, but it was a tad big so he was able to wear it again this year.

In my obsession of photo comparison, the first two pictures are of Parker last year on Valentine's Day and the remaining pictures are from this year - the many faces of Parker.  He wasn't even walking last year at this time, so it was funny to look back and see him in his exersaucer.   

What a cute little fella - he is our little LOVE!

Since I will find any excuse to bake, I decided Valentine's Day was a perfect time for a heart cake. I have been wanting to try my hand at one for a while.  It didn't turn out too bad, but I learned a couple of things for next time around.  The cake was delicious though - especially when shared with those you love.

Until we meet again...


  1. What a handsome little fellow you have there! Goodness gracious, it's been TOOOOOO long since the Usserys and Billetts have gotten together. Love you, friend!


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