Busy Days

Hello stranger! 

The blog has obviously taken a back seat to our big move. I hope to get back to regular blogging very soon, but for now we have lots of unpacking and getting settled to do. We have made a great deal of progress - see Exhibit A below...
What a wonderful site - lots of empty, broken down boxes (and more have been unpacked since this picture was taken).  However, we have so much more to do - still many boxes to unpack and items to organize and go through. We have things we want to sell and donate and pack up for storing in the attic. Most of our remaining items and boxes are either in the garage or shop and we are bringing in loads as we are ready for them. There is a ton to do in the garage, shop and outside in general. We have done very little decorating and haven't hung a single picture - just focusing on unpacking first. But...we have only been here two weeks and we have weeks, months and years to get settled and make this house a home. 

Parker is loving his new house. He's transitioned so well to his new surroundings. His absolute favorite part is all the room to play outside. The driveway  and yard is his personal playground. He's been super cute sporting a cap while he roams, runs and rides. 

All of the fun and games inside and out wore him out Monday and he took a 3 hour nap - he usually sleeps about 11/2 - 2 hours. 
When we moved, Parker starting sleeping in a full sized bed.  We left the frame and head/foot boards off for now until he gets fully used to it. I think he really likes the extra room since he is quite the tosser and turner in bed. We are doing a sports theme in his room and his bedding is really cute. I can't wait to get it all put together.

Being that we are living in a new development, there is daily construction going on. They are building 3 houses around us right now. That being said, there is some heavy equipment and machinery around. That tickles Parker. All throughout the day he loves to look out different windows and watch the trucks, tractors and bulldozers.  What he loves even more is when the workers day is done and he can get up close and personal with them. John has been taking him out in the evenings while I cook supper and letting him look at the equipment. He gets so excited!

We bought some new living room furniture and Parker has enjoyed how comfy it is. It's been his after nap TV spot.

Along with all of the unpacking and organizing we are doing, we are also trying to settle back into our normal life and routines. Parker and I are back to our grocery days on Tuesdays and I made a menu for the rest or the month. 

Last Friday night the three of us went out for pizza and then took Parker to Barnes and Noble. He really enjoys the children's section - especially the train table. 

We went back to church on Sunday - ah, it felt so good to be back and we had a wonderful time. We always look forward to going each Sunday.  Parker had a ball in the nursery, but was excited to see us when we picked him up. 

I will share more pictures of the house as we get it a little more unpacked and decorated. 

Our days are pretty busy and full right now, but we are so happy to be in our new home. Unpacking is a lot more fun and less stressful than selling, house searching, building, packing and moving!!

It's so good to be home!

Until we meet again...