Fun in the Sun

Summer (though not officially) is upon us and while it's my least favorite season of the four, there are some good things about it and I am trying to embrace it more!

We have already fired up the grill several times and made a batch of homemade ice cream. We have tried to enjoy time outside during the parts of the day when it's the least hot - keeping the sunscreen, mosquito repellent and hats at the ready. We have some good stuff going on over the summer and want to really enjoy it. 

Parker comes alive when he is outside - it's definitely his happy place! That being said, it's going to be hard to keep him indoors as the temperatures start to rise over the coming months. We will just have to choose our times outside wisely and take all precautions. 

It's been in the mid-upper 80s this past week so it's been nice. Parker has been enjoying blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, digging in his new sandbox, playing with his new water table (both thanks to Granny and Grandpa), getting sprayed by the water hose and pushing his dump truck in the dirt. 

We have also been trying to spruce up the outside (while still having several things to do inside). We have used many items we already had and purchased a few things as well to do some decorating in the front flower beds and on the front and back porches. We have plans to do more next year when we are bit more established and have more time!  

Friday night we had a little bit of shopping to do so we went to eat at our favorite pizza spot, Brooklyns, before we started.  Pizza is Parker's absolute favorite food so it was a win all around.  The night was so nice, we were even able to eat outside.  My sweet and happy boys! 

Parker also got a summer haircut - his first buzz cut.  His hair grows so fast and he can get pretty sweaty while sleeping and playing so we thought it would make him much more comfortable - plus it's easier to get wet and dries quickly.  Perfect for summer!  I love his hair and coming his hair, but he looks adorable and this is so much cooler for him. Parker is NOT a fan of getting a haircut - not a fun experience, so we opted to let Daddy do it in our home in my lap where he's more comfortable with the people and place.  He still didn't like it, but I think it worked a lot better, not to mention cheaper, than taking him somewhere.  I think he likes it.  What a cutie!

Happy Summer! 

Until we meet again...