Decking the Halls...for Fall

It's no secret that I love holiday decorating.  I enjoy adding festive touches to our home for the different seasons and holidays.  It excites me more than it should probably, but I do love it. 

I know that "Fall" doesn't technically start for another 10 days or so, but it's right around the corner and I'm ever so anxious.  I'll also mention that a day or two after I completed my decorating, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees.  I wooed it our way by pulling out my tubs o' autumn decor - who knew I had that power?!  

This year, I was more eager than ever because of our new house.  Additionally, I wasn't able to decorate for all of the fall and winter holidays last year because we were temporarily living with John's parents. That being said, I haven't put out these decorations since September 2012!

The wordy, detail person in me would love to give captions and commentary to all of these pictures, but I'll refrain.  I'll just make a few comments here and there to highlight a few things.  Most of these things I've had for a long time, but I did buy 1-2 new items this year.  I've also made a few of these things.  One thing I usually do is try to buy a couple of things on clearance after the season/holiday is over and save it for the next year. 

Grab a cup of apple cider and come on in...


One of my new interests is to re-purpose items (a fun challenge and money saver).  This stand (below) is actually for a water jug dispenser.  We used it in our old house, but I decided to turn it into an outdoor plant/decor stand.  Voila!
This (below) is something else I re-purposed for our entry way.  Any guesses as to what it used to be?  Anyone, anyone? You are correct if you guessed Parker's old changing table! I have really enjoyed it being in our entry way and have decorated it a few different ways.  I usually have some other things on the top shelf, but I changed it out for fall.  


I made this frame.  It was an old 11x14 frame and I just lined the inside with scrapbook paper and a printable I found online.
Several years ago, I made this arrangement for my desk at work.  I painted the terra cotta pot and added a fall rub-on then I filled it with silk flowers and fall accents.  Now it's sitting by the sink in the kitchen. 

I made this arrangements several years ago as well - one of the first couple of years we lived in our old house. 
Can you spot our little pumpkin's picture?!  He picked out the baby pumpkin on the table from Hobby Lobby.
The wooden autumn sign (below) is an example of something I bought at the end of a season and started using the next year.  I bought it many years ago and paid a whopping $2 for it.  I love a bargain. 

My view from the kitchen.  I can't wait until the weather is cold enough to have a fire going.  In our 11 1/2 years of marriage, we've never lived in a home with a fireplace so we are ever so anxious to use this one for the first time in the coming months.    
Come October, I will add my Halloween decorations and then those will be switched out in November for a few Thanksgiving items...then comes Christmas!

Thanks for dropping by our home!

Until we meet again...