Jolly the Elf

This year, for the first time, we started the "Elf on the Shelf" tradition.  We had so much fun with it!

Our elf, who Parker named "Jolly", arrived the day after Thanksgiving and left Christmas night.

I will repeat some of what I said in my last post (see below)...

I know everyone has their opinions about "Santa" and "Elves" and what to have your children believe.  I don't want to go into all of that here and now because I'm all for each family doing what's best and right for them. 
I also say that we have talked to Parker a lot about Jesus.  He will tell you that "Jesus' birthday is on Christmas" and he knows that Jesus' Mommy and Daddy are Mary and Joseph.  He also knows how many kings brought gifts and that Jesus later died on a cross.  We are keeping Christ in Christmas, but having childlike fun as well.

One day, when Parker is older, he will come to learn and know that "Santa" and "Jolly" aren't real or magical...but you are only little once and we want to share what we experienced as children with him. It's all in good fun as long as he knows what CHRISTmas is really all about!  Afterall, we only give Parker three gifts because that's how many Jesus got.

Okay, moving on from my editorial public service announcement.

I snapped a picture of Jolly each night and all of the antics he was up to.  This is what Parker woke up to each morning.  He would come out and try to find Jolly and always got a kick out of his silliness.  

I was a bit sad to see Jolly go, but we will welcome him back with excitement next Christmas season.

Until we meet again...


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