Thanksgiving 2014

I realize we are almost a week into January and I am just now getting around to posting our Thanksgiving pictures, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles these days.  

My plan is to get caught up and up to date with Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures and then hopefully, fingers crossed, get back to some sort of regular blogging about current events, but we shall see how that all goes.

Nevertheless, and without further ado, our Thanksgiving.

We decided to stay home this year and celebrate Thanksgiving in our new home.  While we missed all of our family, we had a wonderful day and weekend.

First stop, a quick trip back to Thanksgivings past starting when I was pregnant with Parker (about 3 months before he was born)...
2012 ~ Parker's first Thanksgiving...

2013 ~ Parker was about 21 months old...
And this year ~ Parker is 3 months away from 3 years old (say it isn't so)...

I made up a little menu for the weekend which included our Thanksgiving day food, our tree trimming snacks (we always have a small feast of snacks when we decorate for Christmas) and desserts.  
I spent all morning watching the parade (one of the things I love most about Thanksgiving) and cooking our meal.  I love to cook and bake so it was lots of fun for me!  Parker and John played, watched the parade and helped me some as well. 

 John was in charge of carving the bird.

All of the food turned out great and was mighty tasty, if I do say so myself.  We had lots of good leftovers for supper that night and through the weekend.  We watched the Cowboys' game and relaxed and played the rest of the day.

The day after Thanksgiving started Operation Decoration!  I spent a good amount of time taking down all of our fall and Thanksgiving decor to make room for all of our Christmas stuff.
John got all of our tubs and decorations out of the shop and drove them right up to the back door to bring them in - now that's service!

We worked on decorating the house off and on all weekend (in between different things we had going on) and had it completed by Sunday evening. I did good taking a few pictures of John working on the tree and then I got busy decorating and neglected the camera after that.  I suppose we were all wrapped up in "decking the halls".  

John also finished putting lights on the house.  He fed his inner-Clark Griswold and enjoyed some exterior illumination.  

We had a very busy month of December so I never took the time to take pictures of all of our decorations, but here's a shot of our mantle and tree.

We really enjoyed our Thanksgiving holiday.  We ate and ate some more...and we rested, played, watched football, decorated for Christmas, worked on Christmas cards and did various things around the house.  It was a fun family weekend at home! 

Next up, Christmas fun.  Hopefully I'll get to it before this Christmas!  

Until we meet again...