Birthday Weekend - Episode 1 ~ Decorations and Friday

Well, here we are, a week past Parker's 3rd birthday so it's time to share some pictures from his birthday weekend.  His birthday fell on a Monday (February 23rd), so we decided to make it a full weekend of birthday fun.  From Friday through Monday we celebrated and did a lot of Parker's favorite things.

As per usual, we took a lot of pictures so I thought I would break it up into 3-4 posts as not to overwhelm our loyal blog readers with birthday overload. So now you can be overloaded in a few installments rather than all at once - you're welcome!

Today's episode will feature the decorations and what went on Friday.

For various reasons, we did not do a big party this year.  However, we still wanted to make it super special for our sweet son.  I like any reason to decorate, so I was rather excited to add some themed birthday decor all around the house to celebrate Parker.

The theme this year was CONSTRUCTION!  Parker has several things he loves these days, but above all right now is construction equipment.

Grab your hard hat and come on in...        

The gift pile in the window was just a start - he got a few more gifts and cards in the mail over the weekend.

The island picture was taken pre-birthday cake.  I went ahead and set it up and all of the stuff in the middle is what I used to decorate his cake.  Later I'll share pictures of the cake and with it on the island (I know you can't wait for that!)

I had so much fun putting out a few decorations for Parker that we enjoyed all weekend.  After his birthday was over, I was a little sad to take them all down and pack them away.  

Before Parker's birthday, we made a little list of his favorite things to eat and do and we decided to spread those things out over the weekend.  

We got the fun started Friday morning when Daddy took Parker to his favorite donut shop downtown - Jimmy's Donuts.  They have been proudly serving the Ussery family and meeting our donut needs since 2006 (when we moved here - ha!) 

Nothing starts your day quite like a chocolate sprinkle donut.  

This was perfect and so fitting ~ the reason he's eating his donuts in the playroom at his little desk is because there was a front-end loader doing some dirt work in the lot across the street.  So he got to watch and eat - dreams do come true! 
The rest of the day was spent playing at home and doing things around the house.  

We are gone from home for one reason or another just about everyday of the week so we took advantage of having nowhere to go.

For dinner that night, we made a family trip to pick up a pizza. Parker's favorite food is probably pizza and we usually get it delivered locally, but Parker wanted to go into town and pick one up from Papa John's. 

Yummy pizza in his tummy!
It was a great start to our celebratory weekend - more to come!

Until we meet again...
:) Riley 


  1. I love all the special decorations! And every birthday needs to start with a chocolate sprinkle donut!!


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