Birthday Weekend - Episode 2 ~ Saturday & Sunday

I'm back to continue the re-cap of Parker's birthday weekend.  If you missed the first episode, about the decorations and what went on Friday, see the post below.  

Today is all about Saturday and Sunday.

As I mentioned last time, before Parker's birthday we made a list of his favorite things to eat and do - so we decided to spread those things out over the weekend.

One of the things Parker really wanted to do was go to what he calls the "toy store" and "bookstore" - which means Toys R Us and Mardel.  So away we went on Saturday morning...   

More than looking at or buying toys, his favorite thing to do at Toys R Us is play with the Thomas the Train table.  He would stay there for hours.  No matter how long we stay each time we go, he never likes leaving.  We've debated about getting him one of these tables, but besides it taking up a lot of space, we think he looks forward to playing with it at the store and may not play with it as much if he had one at home all the time.  

Next stop, the "bookstore".  He likes to look at the toys, books and all of the Veggie Tales items.

We picked up lunch and headed home.  While we ate, Parker played with his new toy from the toy store.  He had some birthday money and we had a birthday coupon so he bought something from the TV show "Tickety Toc" - one of his current favorites.    

It was sure a fun morning going to a couple of P-Man's favorite places.

On Sunday, we do what we do each Sunday and headed to the early service and Sunday school at church.  But first, a quick picture - last day as a two year old!

As soon as we got home from church, we ate lunch and then Parker helped me prepare the batter for his cake before his nap.  He LOVES to help me bake and I LOVE baking with him.  Fun times and sweet memories.  We mixed up all of the ingredients and put the cake in the oven and then he took his nap.
When the cake was done, I turned it out onto a cake board to cool and then decorate. I knew I wanted to make Parker's cake look like a construction site, but I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out.  I had bought different things to use, but didn't have an exact plan.    
I frosted the whole cake with chocolate frosting and then I used a tube of yellow frosting to draw the "3" then filled it in with more yellow frosting.  I then took three of Parker's small construction toys and set up three construction areas - the dump truck with whoppers, the bulldozer with crushed up oreos and the backhoe with chocolate rocks.  Parker and I found traffic cone candles at the party store and the were perfect for the cake.  I was pleased with how it turned out and had such a fun time making this special for Parker.

I was excited because I got it all decorated while Parker napped so I was able to show it to him when he woke up - he loved it!

Later Sunday night, or Birthday Eve, after we bathed Parker, we put his birthday pajamas on. He did some silly poses in the living room after his bath.  I think he was pretty happy that his birthday was the next day.  

Unfortunately, all of the plans we had for his actual birthday got cancelled/postponed because of weather - ice and snow.  But we made the most of the day at home and we have re-scheduled some of our plans from that day - more on that later.

It was a fun Saturday and Sunday spending time as a family and enjoying more birthday festivities!

Next up...Monday - his birthday.

Until we meet again...


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