Egg-celent Weekend ~ EASTER 2015

We had such a fun Easter weekend this year.  Parker was running a fever the day or two before Easter, so I was a little unsure if we would be able to enjoy all of our plans, but he woke up Saturday morning with no fever and feeling like himself - hooray!

On Thursday, we made up goodie bags for all of our neighbors...20 bags.  We included an Easter card, an Easter booklet with an invitation to church on Sunday and a snack mix called "Bunny Bait" - it had popcorn, pretzels and rice chex covered in white chocolate and then we added sprinkles and M&Ms at the end.  We delivered them over the weekend. We love spreading holiday cheer!   
On Saturday morning, John did all of the yard work so the yard would be looking good for the rest of the weekend.  While mowing, he found a baby bunny.  Parker had to come see it for himself in his pajamas.

A neighbor a few houses down from us put together a little Easter egg hunt in their front yard at 11am Saturday.  Parker was really excited about it.  I'm so thankful he felt better and the weather was perfect. We got dressed and headed across the street.  Have I mentioned lately how much we love our neighborhood?! 
Anticipating the big hunt...

I mean, I know I'm his Mommy and all, but have you ever seen a more adorable three year old boy in overalls? 

The egg hunters a.k.a our sweet neighbor friends.  
I love, love, love this boy of mine!
Let the hunting begin!  Daddy took a yard work break to enjoy the fun. 


After the hunt, we loaded up the wagon and delivered several of our bags before lunch.
Saturday afternoon, another neighbor dressed as the Easter Bunny and played a game with all of the kids called "You've been Egged".  The Easter Bunny and her family hid 11 eggs for each child on the street and once you found 11, you went to the bunny for the 12th egg.  The 12th egg was actually empty symbolizing an empty tomb and our risen Lord - so awesome! Parker was a little uneasy with the Easter Bunny at first, but also really liked it.  

After that fun was over, it was time to color a few eggs.  Due to the fact that it can get a little messy and the weather was gorgeous, we decided to color them in the backyard.  John was smoking a chicken and hanging out there so it was a perfect spot.


Saturday evening, we had our big Easter dinner so that we could come home and have leftovers Sunday after church and not have to cook then. It worked out great.  We had smoked chicken, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob and bread - with coconut cake for dessert.  Yum-O!

Sunday morning, Parker's Easter basket was full to the brim with a few treats and surprises.

After looking through the basket, we finished getting ready and headed off to church.  Light green was the color we went with this year - always fun to coordinate on special days! 
Our little family - celebrating our 3rd Easter as a threesome!
It was such a great, special, memory filled weekend - we are so blessed!


  1. What a fun filled weekend!!! I love that y'all's neighborhood has such fun activities together!!

  2. He's so stinkin cute in his overalls! And we had a baby bunny on the front porch Friday night too!


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