Just a swingin'

For Parker's 3rd birthday back in February, we bought him a swing set (all of the grandparents pitched in too).  Parker prefers to call it a "play ground" ~ Parker's Playground.

Between the weather, various things going on and not a good block of time to work on it, it's been sitting in a box in our shop for the last 3 months waiting to be put together.

John's Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandad) graciously offered to keep Parker over Memorial Day weekend so we could have a good amount of time to focus on the swing set and not have to worry about Parker...or him getting into the nine million pieces.  We also got to have a date night and have a fun weekend together.  We may or may not have gotten out the Scrabble game too - we really know how to party!

We got started bright and early Saturday morning after breakfast and a good cup of coffee.  The weather for Saturday didn't look so good with rain predicted all day, but we decided to work until we needed to stop. We worked until about dinner time.  We even did a little work in the rain with our rain coats on, but the rain got harder and lightening decided to show up to so we stopped for the day and finished it up Sunday afternoon after church. We had a few issues here and there, but overall it went really well - just took a long time.

Hmm...this may take a while! 
We worked on it in the driveway first and then moved pieces to the backyard to assemble together.

The finished product!

It will be such a great first "play ground" for Parker to enjoy.  It's more rewarding too knowing that we assembled it together and got to enjoy working on it side by side for our sweet son.

We didn't tell Parker we had put it together while he was gone so it was a complete surprise.  He was so excited and thrilled.  Once we got him out of the car, we told him to go to the backyard for a surprise.  Once he got a glimpse of the swing set he went running - it was awesome!

He loves it and is having such a blast playing on it.  I love seeing it in our yard.  It always reminds me a little boy lives here...and he loves to swing! 

Until we meet again...


  1. Impressed that you two put that together yourselves! Looks awesome!

  2. Parker's Playground -- too cute!


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