Yesterland Farm & Halloween

Well, here we are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year and I'm just now blogging about October.  That's just the way the cookie crumbles these days.  As much as I'd love to stay on top of blogging, I just can't.  There are so many things to blog about, but simply not enough time.  Life keeps us busy each and every day...and it's good.  I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that I'll share what I can as time allows. 

Stay tuned loyal readers, if there are any still out there, you never know when I'll be back with updates.

Now back to the subject at hand...

The weekend before Halloween the Ussery three ventured out to a farm near us for a little fall fun.  We headed to Yesterland Farm early on a Saturday morning - it was about an hour drive.
The farm had several fun activities, games and rides.  There were lots of pumpkins to pick from and a corn maze to walk through.  We also had a lot of yummy food to choose from for lunch. We had such a great time and really enjoyed ourselves.  It'll be fun to go back next year.  We left with special memories, a small pumpkin and a souvenir ornament for our Christmas tree.   

No Halloween would be complete without some pumpkin carving! Parker and I had read a sweet book called "The Pumpkin Patch Parable" several times and he wanted our pumpkin to look just like the one in the book. He was proud and excited to put our jack-o-lantern on the front porch and light it each night.   

We enjoyed some fun times two the week of Halloween. We attended the Fall Festival at our church the Wednesday before and of course we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on Halloween night.

I asked Parker back in September what we wanted to be for Halloween this year and without hesitation he said, "I think I'll be a lobster."  I laughed and thought it was a cute idea, but then slightly panicked as to how I would pull that off.  I have made all of his Halloween costumes since birth, so I wanted to continue to tradition of a homemade costume, but was a bit stumped on how to make a lobster. 

So I put my crafty thinking cap on and looked at Pinterest a little and came up with idea.  Of course it couldn't involve sewing since sadly I don't have that skill (but on my bucket list).  I had a blast making it - a labor of love.  Parker was thrilled with it and he was the cutest little red lobster that you ever did see. 

We were so glad to see some of our sweet friends at church Wednesday night!

Halloween night was a real treat.  We got all of the kids in the neighborhood together and went trick-or-treating as a group.  Parker's bucket was full to the brim when we got home and he was a happy boy!

The loves of Parker's life - Haley and Avery (aka Minnie Mouse and Luigi).  They live right next door and Parker is smitten.

Another Halloween in the books! From Halloween to now at Christmas, we sure have enjoyed celebrating all of the holidays. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Until we meet again...


  1. He was the sweetest lobster! I'm glad ya'll had fun at Yesterland!

  2. The autumn season is my beloved as well. First of all because I have my birthday in October, secondly, because of the Thanksgiving!)) It was a pleasure to watch your photos!


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