Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snow Much Fun

The first week of March (March 5th to be exact), we woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground. In Texas, any snow is a big deal - snow days are few and far between around these parts.

It was so pretty!   

This was Parker's first time to go out and play in the snow. We've experienced snow a few times since Parker's was born (it actually snowed on his first Christmas), but for various reasons, we hadn't gone out to play in it until now.

We weren't quite sure how he would react or do with playing in the snow.  With some of his sensory issues, he can be kind of particular about different textures that he touches.  It could go either way - he'd either love it or not so much.  

He said he wanted to go out and play so we got all his gear on and headed out.
Have you ever seen a cuter bundled up boy?  
Let's just say that Parker LOVED playing in the snow - he had a blast! He did not want to come in after being out for quite a while.  He and Daddy had so much fun (Mommy was the photographer). Sweet, sweet memories!

As mentioned above, he was not too thrilled with coming back inside - which is great that he enjoyed the snow so much.

Once back inside he got snuggly in some warm jammies and ate lunch. 
He was also not a fan of the snow melting and "going bye-bye".  We look forward to more fun snow days in our future!

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Birthday Weekend - Final Episode - BIRTHDAY!

Now that we are about a month past Parker's birthday, I need to wrap it up and post these final pictures. It's almost April - whew!

Since said birthday, we've taken many a picture of various sorts to share with you, but one event at a time. I've finally made peace (with help from my sweet husband) that I just can't blog as much as I want to or about everything I want to.  So, I will do what I can, when I can.

Without further ado, Parker's actual BIRTHDAY! (cue the trumpets, streamers, balloons and confetti poppers).

Parker's birthday fell on a Monday so John took the day off so we could spend the day as a family. We had big plans to take Parker to the aquarium (inside the Grapevine Mills mall) and to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch.  There's also a train and a few things to ride at the mall that we knew Parker would want to do.

Well, what do you know...an ice/snow storm decided to head our way on Birthday Eve!  It got pretty bad through the night and by the morning it was really icy and school was cancelled.  What a bummer!

I had a little pity party (and yes shed a few tears) because the special day we planned for Parker wasn't going to happen.  But, I forced myself to get over it so we could shift to Plan B (which didn't exist, but was quickly developed) so that Parker could still have a special birthday even though it would all be spent indoors and not doing all of the activities we planned.

John went ahead and worked but enjoyed the birthday fun as well. Parker and I declared it a pajama day since we would be staying indoors all day.

What better way to start the day that with pancakes?  

We decided to spread the opening of his cards and gifts out over the course of the day.  After breakfast he opened a package from Uncle Jason, Jacob and Isaac they sent from Missouri - Gator Golf.
We then told Parker he could pick a couple of his favorite TV shows to watch so he and I snuggled on the couch in our pjs and enjoyed his cartoon friends.

Then it was time for silliness and playtime. Parker's absolute favorite thing to play with right now is his states magnets and puzzles - who knew?  About two months ago he started showing an interest in the United States map and now knows all 50 states and where they are - amazing!  This is nothing we forced him to do...he just starting asking questions and wanted to play with it constantly. Our little geography buff!   

We ate lunch and then decided to cut into his cake that I made on Sunday afternoon.  First pancakes then cake?  This day just gets better and better.

After lunch and cake, Parker took a nap and I worked on a few things around the house.  When he woke up, I made popcorn and John took Parker into his office to watch a few You Tube videos that he loves.
A few more cards and gifts before dinner...

Since we had planned to eat at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch, we were just going to eat our leftovers for supper, but that didn't happen.  Parker's favorite food is pizza and luckily I had all of the ingredients for a homemade pizza - even a homemade crust so I whipped that up for dinner. Mmm Mmm Good!

Every year we try to get a family picture on Parker's birthday.  This year, it was a pajama picture - it will be a memory of being warm inside with it snowy and icy outside on that day.
We ended the night with the presents from us! His big present (from us and the grandparents) was a small swing set.  With Spring now upon us, we need to get it put together so he can start enjoying it.

Even though the day didn't go as we had planned, it turned out to be a pretty special and fun day. Funny how that works! Fast forward...we re-scheduled all of our birthday activities and were able to go last week so everything turned out well in the end.

We still can't believe our little 7 pound baby boy is three years old.  We are anxious to see what this year will hold for him.

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birthday Weekend - Episode 2 ~ Saturday & Sunday

I'm back to continue the re-cap of Parker's birthday weekend.  If you missed the first episode, about the decorations and what went on Friday, see the post below.  

Today is all about Saturday and Sunday.

As I mentioned last time, before Parker's birthday we made a list of his favorite things to eat and do - so we decided to spread those things out over the weekend.

One of the things Parker really wanted to do was go to what he calls the "toy store" and "bookstore" - which means Toys R Us and Mardel.  So away we went on Saturday morning...   

More than looking at or buying toys, his favorite thing to do at Toys R Us is play with the Thomas the Train table.  He would stay there for hours.  No matter how long we stay each time we go, he never likes leaving.  We've debated about getting him one of these tables, but besides it taking up a lot of space, we think he looks forward to playing with it at the store and may not play with it as much if he had one at home all the time.  

Next stop, the "bookstore".  He likes to look at the toys, books and all of the Veggie Tales items.

We picked up lunch and headed home.  While we ate, Parker played with his new toy from the toy store.  He had some birthday money and we had a birthday coupon so he bought something from the TV show "Tickety Toc" - one of his current favorites.    

It was sure a fun morning going to a couple of P-Man's favorite places.

On Sunday, we do what we do each Sunday and headed to the early service and Sunday school at church.  But first, a quick picture - last day as a two year old!

As soon as we got home from church, we ate lunch and then Parker helped me prepare the batter for his cake before his nap.  He LOVES to help me bake and I LOVE baking with him.  Fun times and sweet memories.  We mixed up all of the ingredients and put the cake in the oven and then he took his nap.
When the cake was done, I turned it out onto a cake board to cool and then decorate. I knew I wanted to make Parker's cake look like a construction site, but I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out.  I had bought different things to use, but didn't have an exact plan.    
I frosted the whole cake with chocolate frosting and then I used a tube of yellow frosting to draw the "3" then filled it in with more yellow frosting.  I then took three of Parker's small construction toys and set up three construction areas - the dump truck with whoppers, the bulldozer with crushed up oreos and the backhoe with chocolate rocks.  Parker and I found traffic cone candles at the party store and the were perfect for the cake.  I was pleased with how it turned out and had such a fun time making this special for Parker.

I was excited because I got it all decorated while Parker napped so I was able to show it to him when he woke up - he loved it!

Later Sunday night, or Birthday Eve, after we bathed Parker, we put his birthday pajamas on. He did some silly poses in the living room after his bath.  I think he was pretty happy that his birthday was the next day.  

Unfortunately, all of the plans we had for his actual birthday got cancelled/postponed because of weather - ice and snow.  But we made the most of the day at home and we have re-scheduled some of our plans from that day - more on that later.

It was a fun Saturday and Sunday spending time as a family and enjoying more birthday festivities!

Next up...Monday - his birthday.

Until we meet again...