Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kitchen Helper

If you know me much at all, you know that one of my favorite things to do is cook and bake.  I've always loved being in the kitchen preparing yummy food and tasty treats.

When we found out we were pregnant with Parker, I was already dreaming of the fun he and I would have in the kitchen.  From a very young age, younger than the ripe ol' age of 3, Parker has been my little sidekick in the kitchen - my own personal sous chef! 

Obviously when he was younger and smaller I would sometimes hold him or give him very basic, doable tasks for his little hands.  As he gets older and taller, he's standing on chairs and stools and getting to do more and more in the preparation of our meal or dessert.

What I love most is that he really enjoys helping me.  If I ask him if he wants to help me with something I am making, it's always "YES"...especially if I am using the mixer.  His favorite thing is to use the stand or hand mixer.  I couldn't be more proud. I love his adoration for good kitchen appliances.

These are a couple of pictures from the last few months of him in action. 

Learning to crack eggs when we made a birthday cake. 
Making Valentine's Day cookies with chocolate chips and red M&Ms.  
A few weeks ago, he helped me wash the potatoes for our mashed potatoes for dinner.  He helped me scrub the outside peeling.  Once I peeled and diced them, he gave them all a good bath before going into the hot tub of boiling water.  

A few weekends back on a Friday afternoon, we decided to make a homemade pie crust and chocolate chip pie for the weekend.  We had a lot of fun making this and we may or may not have gotten flour everywhere.  It's a rule right?  The more flour - the more fun was had!

The pie was mighty tasty too. 

I've said it before, but I truly cherish and enjoy our sweet moments in the kitchen. I can't wait for what we will be cooking up in the months to come.  I hope these little memories will last a lifetime.

Until we meet again...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Just a swingin'

For Parker's 3rd birthday back in February, we bought him a swing set (all of the grandparents pitched in too).  Parker prefers to call it a "play ground" ~ Parker's Playground.

Between the weather, various things going on and not a good block of time to work on it, it's been sitting in a box in our shop for the last 3 months waiting to be put together.

John's Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandad) graciously offered to keep Parker over Memorial Day weekend so we could have a good amount of time to focus on the swing set and not have to worry about Parker...or him getting into the nine million pieces.  We also got to have a date night and have a fun weekend together.  We may or may not have gotten out the Scrabble game too - we really know how to party!

We got started bright and early Saturday morning after breakfast and a good cup of coffee.  The weather for Saturday didn't look so good with rain predicted all day, but we decided to work until we needed to stop. We worked until about dinner time.  We even did a little work in the rain with our rain coats on, but the rain got harder and lightening decided to show up to so we stopped for the day and finished it up Sunday afternoon after church. We had a few issues here and there, but overall it went really well - just took a long time.

Hmm...this may take a while! 
We worked on it in the driveway first and then moved pieces to the backyard to assemble together.

The finished product!

It will be such a great first "play ground" for Parker to enjoy.  It's more rewarding too knowing that we assembled it together and got to enjoy working on it side by side for our sweet son.

We didn't tell Parker we had put it together while he was gone so it was a complete surprise.  He was so excited and thrilled.  Once we got him out of the car, we told him to go to the backyard for a surprise.  Once he got a glimpse of the swing set he went running - it was awesome!

He loves it and is having such a blast playing on it.  I love seeing it in our yard.  It always reminds me a little boy lives here...and he loves to swing! 

Until we meet again...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I know what you are thinking - two blog posts within a week?!  I know, I know - miracles do happen folks.

There are but a few pictures to share with you today, but a special time to remember.

My Mom was able to be here for Mother's Day this year and it was great!  We have not spent Mother's Day together in several years. She came into town on Friday and stayed until the following Wednesday.  We had a lot of fun while she was here.

On Saturday, John took care of Parker so my Mom and I could spend the day together shopping and eating lunch.  We were able to go to some of our favorite stores, use a lot of our coupons and do lots of talking and catching up.  
She also came to church with us on Sunday.  This is the first time she's been to our church so it was neat to share where we worship each Sunday morning. 
(I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures.  It was rainy and yucky so we didn't have the best lighting) 

This was my fourth Mother's Day to enjoy.  I look forward to this day each year - a day I deeply prayed I would one day celebrate as a Mom.  God heard our prayer and blessed us with Parker in His perfect timing.

A look back ~ Mother's Day 2012 (my first and the day we dedicated Parker at church). Parker was a wee baby - a couple of weeks shy of three months old.  
Mother's Day 2013
Mother's Day 2014 (we had moved into our new home about a month and half before this).  
And this year - my wee baby boy is now 3 years old.  

Motherhood has taught me a great many things about myself and life in general.  It has changed me and has been one of my greatest blessings in life. It brings me so much joy, but it has it's challenges as well.  All of it is so rewarding and fulfilling and each day is a new adventure.  I adore this precious boy and I treasure being his mother.    
Three generations ~ Mamaw, Mommy and Parker Boy.  
My sweet family of three.  I say it many times, but I sure do love doing life with these two handsome boys. Our life and my heart is full to the brim.  
We don't get too many pictures of the two of us so I like to take advantage of opportunities (i.e. someone else to take one of us).  I'm the Mommy I am because he's the Daddy that he is.  I'm glad to be on this journey through parenthood hand in hand.    

Thanks for coming to visit us Mom!  It was great having you here and celebrating Mother's Day together.

Until we meet again...