Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I am continuing on my quest to get somewhat caught up on the ol' blog.  

In my last post, I re-visited December 2015 and today we'll keep on with the trend of a month at a time and recap January.   

Here's a little of what we were up to in January...

As much as I didn't want them to, all of the Christmas decorations had to come down.  I always hate packing up everything that decked our halls for several weeks, but I do like the opportunity to deep clean the house afterwards.  It's a fresh, clean start to a new year.

It's even more fun when you have an adorable helper.  He loves to play on the couch cushions.  

We continued with our homeschool preschool activities.  In the month of January we covered G is for Gumball and H is for Hippo.

Every other week I prepare the next letter (so we are working on one letter and I'm getting all of the activities ready for the next letter at the same time).

Here's what the dinner table looks like every two weeks as I am cutting, laminating, punching, lesson planning and preparing for our activities.

We took a Friday to visit the local trampoline park - Urban Air.  A good way to have fun and stay out of the cold...although we didn't have much of a winter this year. 

A few of our week "Happy Sunday" pictures...

January 8th marked 14 years since John and I met in person.  We love celebrating all of the special days in our life together.  We affectionately call January 8th, "Happy Meeting Day".

In December 2001, I lived in Odessa, Texas and John lived in Conway, Arkansas - about 12-13 hours apart. We were set-up/introduced at that time, but again lived a state apart. We communicated through e-mail and eventually phone calls, but never met in person until January 8, 2002.

I flew to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet John and spend a few days together in person.  Well, guess what? I never went home!  We were engaged 3 months later and got married 13 months to the day after we met at the airport.

Only God could have orchestrated our story and our meeting!

Parker and I went to Dallas one Friday to have lunch with two of my sweet friends/former co-workers. What a handsome date I had!

We did some sensory activities for texture by making an "Oat Farm" and playing "Fizzy Foamy Car Wash".

Parker sang me some songs from one of his favorite shows, Nature Cat.  This may look like a vacuum, but it's a microphone according to Parker.

A theme was picked and I started working on Parker's 4th birthday party plans and crafts.
I also re-decorated Parker's bathroom.  When we moved into our house, I just did something pretty neutral, but we was ready for a fun bathroom and this was the perfect decor for our sea loving boy!
A little backyard fun with Daddy.
At the end of January, we put out all of our Valentine's day decorations.
And that's a wrap for January!

Maybe if I can do this a month at a time, I can stay on track a little better. Time will up, February - a big month in our house!

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

December Fun and Festivities

Do not adjust your screen and/or rub and squint your eyes to make sure you read that right. Yep, I said "December Fun and Festivities". December, as in five months ago...yeah, that December. I'm such a blog slacker. Actually that's not true, I've posted a few things here and there over the last few months, but I'm definitely not up to date with everything. I just can't seem to keep up.  Such is life and that's okay.

That being said, I wanted to go back and share some pictures from the last month of last year for document and memory's sake. Just a warning, you may want to grab a snack and a refreshing drink - there's lots o' pictures.  Or I may have just scared you away at the mere mention of copious pictures.

Without further ado...

Let's start with Jolly, our sweet elf!  This was the second year that Jolly spent the month of December in our home.  He is so much fun and is always up to silliness and various antics.  Without fail, every single morning when Parker woke up he would look for Jolly before he did anything else.  He brought lots of laughs and smiles during the Christmas season. 

We are always sad to see Jolly go.  Parker talks about him from time to time throughout the year.  We will look forward to seeing him again after Thanksgiving. 

Parker loves going to the post office.  Actually Parker likes to go just about anywhere.  He can make anything fun.  After I addressed all of our Christmas cards, he was anxious to take them dowtown and put them in the mail slot.

One of our favorite activities from the month of December was "Truth in the Tinsel".  It was a 24 day Advent experience for little hands. We started it on December 1st and finished on Christmas Eve.  Each day included a scripture reading/story, message to learn and an ornament craft to make.  It was the perfect daily activity to teach Parker the true meaning of Christmas.  He enjoyed it so much and looked forward to our Truth in the Tinsel time each day.  We had a cute little tree in the kitchen that Mamaw bought us to put all of our ornaments on. 

We attended our Christmas Choir concert at church.  It was wonderful and really got us in the Christmas spirit.
What Christmas is complete without a little gingerbread house decorating?!

As you may have noticed in all of the Jolly pictures, one morning he had all of the ingredients out to make and decorate sugar cookies.  We did it last year and carried on the tradition this year (I also used to do this as a little girl).  We had a ball and they were mighty tasty. 
Speaking of cookies, we couldn't leave Santa out.  We made a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and Parker counted out six cookies for go along with the reindeer food we had for his helpers.  Parker tested them out to make sure they were good to go and fit for eating. 

Lots of Christmas duds!

We sure had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

Until we meet again...