Touches of Halloween

In addition to the fall decor we already put out (click here), we added a few touches of Halloween last Sunday throughout the house. Nothing too much, but enough to highlight the occassion. Here are a few pictures...
A little jack-o-lantern cup holding our bucket of toothpicks...this is sitting on the recipe box I decorated
The matching jack-o-lantern cup sitting by our soap and sponges above the sink

This felt bag was once filled with goodies, but we just hung it on the coat closet this year
I ordered this from Avon a year or two ago for John...he's a huge "Peanuts" fan so this was a cute decor item to add to our collection

We added a plastic jack-o-lantern full of orange and black ribbon to the bench in the entry way with the other fall decorations

It's hard to tell, but this little pumpkin train lights up - bought it at a garage sale right after we were married

Here are a few things we've done outside...
This wreath is neat in that it has 12 different wooden decorations to change out each month and they are all super cute! Next month, I'll be changing the jack-o-lantern to a turkey. This wreath is very special to me as well. We had purchased this wreath for Grandma Stone for Christmas in 2007, but she passed away that Christmas so it went unwrapped and we were unable to give it to her. So to remember her, I decided to keep it for myself and know that it was a gift meant for her, but now would be used in memory of her.

We have various flags that we change out on this little holder throughout the year

This is hanging in our front window - in the dining room. It's actually filled with clear lights so we plug it in at night.

We have already started buying Halloween candy, a bag or two a week, because we have LOTS of trick-or-treaters. This way it won't be a huge purchase at the end of October, but a little at a time. The last two years we have had so much candy and still run out!

The last two years we have kept a tally of how many trick-or-treaters we have had. We just keep some paper by the front door and take turns recording as the other one of us gives out the candy. It's just for fun - we enjoy seeing how many we have. The thing is, like I mentioned above, we have run out of candy the past two years so these numbers are how many visitors we had at the point we ran out of candy and had to turn out the light. Had we not run out, we would have had MANY more - there are so many kids in our neighborhood. In 2007 we had 132 and last year we had 148.

We have so much fun on Halloween night and we will blog about that with pictures later this month. It's on a Saturday this year, hooray!! It's also the night to change the clocks (fall back) - an early reminder for you, hee hee!

Until we meet again...


  1. Gosh...I still haven't even gone into the garage to LOOK in our fall tote yet! I know right where it maybe once I can cross a few baby to-dos off the list I can go out there as a "reward"...

    Your house looks adorable with all the fall colors! Job well done!


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