Weekend Review

Happy Monday - hope you had nice weekend! We certainly did - this was our first regular weekend at home since before Christmas, so it was nice to have things back to normal (even though we really enjoyed all of our holiday travels).

Friday night I got my hair cut after work and then John and I met up at El Chico for dinner to celebrate the day we met (for the story behind that, click here to read all about it). After dinner we ran a few shopping errands around town, got coffee at Starbucks and bought our groceries for this week. It was a fun Friday night!

Saturday started out rather cold and rainy, so we spend most of the day inside doing all sorts of "To Dos" around the house. There were basic weekly things we needed to take care of and we worked on a couple of "projects" as well - we got a lot done! Being the planner/organizational freak that I am...I love being productive so it felt great. Also, I finally got the buffet table in that I've been wanting for the dining room. It was delivered earlier in the week and John so kindly put it all together for me on Saturday. I still have a wall quote and mirror to put above it, but here is a picture of the table...

Once I get it all set up and decorated, I will take a picture of it in the dining room. I will really enjoy having the extra storage space in it plus it will be nice to serve food or snacks from. I also plan on having a few decor items on top when it's not being used as a serving area.

After our full day at home, Saturday night was DATE NIGHT - hooray! We love "Date Night". We went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner and it was oh so delicious! After dinner we went and saw "The Blind Side".

We have been wanting to see this movie for a while and WOW, was it awesome! We both LOVED the movie and would highly recommend it. After the movie, it was on to dessert and coffee at Chili's - mmmm!

Sunday we enjoyed muffins for breakfast and going to church - a great Sunday school lesson and wonderful worship service. I will chose NOT to comment on the Cowboys game and their pathetic effort. I actually told John to change the channel toward the end...I was too disgusted to watch anymore. Better luck next year I suppose, but I'm tired of saying that year after year. I'm already getting depressed that football season is almost over and now this - oh well, life goes on - HAHA! Sunday afternoon we worked on a few more things around the house and enjoyed a nice Sunday nap. Last night, we had a big, yummy supper along with dessert and we played some games (while I kept one eye on the Golden Globes).

We have a full week and weekend ahead. However, we don't have too much going on tonight so I think after work we are going to take Calvin for a walk, a homemade pizza is on the menu for dinner then we may play the Wii and have a relaxing evening before the week gets more hectic.

Have yourself a wonderful week!
Until we meet again...