Things to be Happy About - March Edition

A new month is upon us so it's that time again...time to post my favorite "things to be happy about" from my desk calendar in March. If you need to catch up, you can read about January here and February here.

Here are my March things to be happy about...
  • Coffee in an enormous mug ~ I love coffee and it's even better in a big oversized mug - we have LOTS of coffee cups in our house
  • M&Ms ~ Crispy chocolate goodness! They are dangerously small so you can pop several in your mouth, munch away and before you know it you've eaten a ton of them - such a simple, but tasty candy
  • A house's welcome light ~ I love the sight of driving by or up to a home and all is dark, except the front porch light ready to greet visitors. For such a small amount of light, it really has a way of brightening the whole outside of the home
  • A place for everything ~ Simply said - for everything to have it's own "home" within your home is wonderful
  • An utterly cloudless sky ~ The sun shinning as bright as can be with few clouds in the way is a beautiful sight - sunny days make me happy!
  • Mechanical pencils ~ I am ADDICTED to office/school supplies so this falls under that category. I have mechanical pencils galore and I recently found a new kind that I really like
  • Feeding Hummingbirds ~ As I have mentioned before, John loves hummingbirds so when we have a feeder out and they come around for a drink, he gets excited and it's so cute!!
  • Fried Fish & Hush Puppies ~ Mouth watering at the very thought of this - I love a good fish fry with all the fixins. Y- U- M!
  • Dinner and a movie ~ This reminds me of many date nights John and I have. It's so enjoyable to talk and laugh over a meal shared together and then to sit back, relax and enjoy a good movie...oh and dessert afterwards is a must as well. We are going to do this next Saturday night!
  • A set of rubber alphabet stamps ~ Part of my craft collection and has so many uses, just wish I had time to use them more
  • List lovers ~ I AM a list lover and proud of it - hee hee. I've even been known to have a list of other lists to never ends - grocery list, project list, calendar list, to do list, to pack list, to plan list, to contact list - LOVE MY LISTS
  • Holding Hands ~ so comforting and shows the connection with the love of your life
  • Your smile ~ I love a good smile and I love to smile...remember, "You're never fully dressed without a smile"
  • Someone to do the dishses ~ John, my amazing John, does the dishes in our house! I offer to help, but he always refuses the help. I assist in loading and unloading the dishwasher, but anything to be done by hand, he does willingly and very lucky am I (but that's not why I love him!)
  • Fleece clothing ~ I love me some fleece PJs! I'm sad to see warmer weather come because my fleece pjs will have to be packed away for several months - thanks for keeping me warm dear friends, we will meet again soon
  • Seasonal menu changes ~ Grilling more in the spring and summer to chili and soups/stews in the fall and winter - Homemade ice cream and sno cones to pumpkin pie and hot chocolate...each season brings special eats and drinks perfect for that time of year
  • Crayola Crayons ~ Back to my school supply addiction, we have lots of crayons (so many pretty colors) and I still enjoy coloring. In fact I colored a Strawberry Shortcake picture a couple of weeks ago and John has it hanging in his office - hah!
  • Cleaned-out files ~ Ahhhhh, it feels so good
  • Watching a wedding ~ I love going to weddings. It's such a treasured time to see two people brought together by God to journey through life together, plus it allows me reflect on our wedding day and how happy we were (and still are) and thinking how exciting it is for that couple to have the same feelings
  • The pitcher's mound ~ The center of the diamond on a gloriously green field of grass. Baseball season is almost upon us - hip hip hooray!
  • Caesar salad ~ my most favorite salad
  • Kneading bread ~ bread dough, biscuit dough, pizza dough, the smell of yeast - mmmmm, oh how I adore homemade breads of all kinds

I'm off to complete our menu for April - another thing that makes me happy "monthly menus". I hope you find something to be happy and smile about EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Until we meet again...


  1. Where did you get this calendar? I have got to get me one! I love it!


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